Vanity plate

… of yesterday was Tomas 76 — passenger was obligated to say something about a “stop light” after I anticipated the green at Univ. and Randolph, scooting forward so that if the car next to me were turning right, they could do so more expeditiously (after carefully slowing to let the Green bus by me, and ducking behind it so it *could* make the right turn on red because that’s right, there was scarce East-West traffic). Well, it turns out that tag’s a known entity to others, too, for poor driving, so no, I wasn’t being unclear about intentions etc.

Today I got out by N:16 on the watch so yes!!! I saw the Teal come out of the Terminal 😉 I do need to inflate tires and lube chain, tho’… I’m slowing myself down. Oh, and tailwind 😉

Lots of pretty lights on houses too 🙂

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