(did you know almost every word has an i before -tude? desuetude is an exception and there *might* be one more I’m forgetting.)

Yesterday came out after work to … flat tire. Yea, same one that was flat a few Mondays ago when I seized the opportunity to pick up the Schwinn from RB Bikes (or is it BR?) on the way home…. but I couldn’t find a tube so I patched it and … the problem was that a patch had worn out, which says … it’s old 😉 (and it had other old patches too)… so I bought a new tube but hadn’t actually gone back and replaced it. Now I’ve found *two* unused tubes 🙂 *and* today’s sub-goal is to see if maybe the patch kit is here at work… I couldn’t find it to try to fix the Schwinn flat, so I got a “scabs” one at Meijer and … don’t recommend. They’re thin and … nope, they don’t work. They just didn’t seal. However, the patch from Fat Tire Brewery from years ago? lots bigger (there were two in the cute little container that was swag when I went out to Fort Collins for the BikeJournal weekend with Pansy, Howard, et al…) and yea, it’s holding air, tho’ I hadn’t gotten it into the tire and back on the bike. Hmm. The tire does not like sitting right — I wonder if there’s something I could do while it’s off the bike to change that? Or if the Michael Burns OVER INFLATE and/or the Scott McCollum “soap down the contact areas with the rim” methods are best since they happen when the tire is on the wheel.

Bus ride in was delayed a tad — apparently somebody didn’t show up. Wonder if that’s a pattern — several times I expected to see the bus on my first part of commute but didn’t. Bus said “NOT IN SERVICE” and driver said “I’m the Green” and something about not having access to change it — which would also explain those times I saw “WRONG CODE” on busses 😉 … I *almost* took the earlier bus but was afraid I’d forget something, which I hadn’t except for forgetting to put on an actual shirt over the thermal layer 😉 Ameliorated before departure (and I have a jacket at work that would have hidden the oversight).

**Everybody** was properly masked on that bus. He had us all hop off before the terminal tho’ I suspect they were holding for us after deciding not to take a shortcut to the terminal (because some folks did need to get off in between) since, after all, he wasn’t “Green,” Really!! . The Brown bus driver was oneof the ebullient ones, greeting us all w/ conversation… but not enforcing masks. That said, most folks who didn’t have one snagged one from the stack; the person who seemed to be gazing at Something To Study had one on later so I suspect she knew Parkland was gonna make her have one. As w/ yesterday (tho’ folks were masked those rides, too), I breathed slowly and yes, I’m going to get tested Monday. Just because. And because the numbers are still going up — regionally we’re actually better than last week but I think that’s only because last week was a steeper downhill, not because things are turning around, esp. since state numbers are higher than last week.

Forecast is for rising temps all day, into fifties / sixties (yes, Climate Change, it’s DECEMBER)… with storms brewing. So the plan is to sneak down and get the wheel (no frozen chicken inthe bag this time forgotten from shopping!!!) and fix that … and despite having signed up for “post coffee cleanup” if the radar says so I’m leaving early 😉

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