Headwind :)

I’m getting good mileage this month because … well, climate change 😉 Today was *almost* “breezy” enough — and yes, they’re back to using that misleading term for “dangerously windy, but not enough for an official advisory” — to wish I’d taken the bus. If it had been a different angle then I think it would have been, but buildings and trees were enough to keep it from being too crazy… the last part in the parking lot was a good charge in, though. My watch deciding it was an hour later was mildly disconcerting but I mentally backtracked and no, it was the right stuff happening on the radio…

Vanity plate of the day, on a big ol’ (not new, tho’ not extremely old) white pickup truck: ISOLDIT .

And cars just suck. A person I know on twitter and from Open Ed — had some meals with them at the OER conference in 2018 — lost his youngest daughter, a kindergarten teacher, in a car crash yesterday.

Tonight we sing 😉 And right now it’s time to tidy up….

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