A week pretty much away from electronics, except the Garmin :)   I successfully mounted the handlebar bag… but apparently the skinny cable I thought was for security and didn’t install  is to hold it up and keep it from drooping over, say, a light and it droops badly.   It was nice, though, for tossing the battery to keep the Garmin going when I didn’t charge it properly at night.   I didn’t get the USB port working and in the many handlebar swings of a 250 mile week some wires are no longer attached — but I think not the soldered ones so we might have victory there.

It’s possible that I could get 1000 miles this month — 753 as of last night. Yesterday I was just tooling around for a “oh, get an extra mile” loop around campus and … a truck w/ a Wild Card Racing decal went by and I was shamed into cutting lap time to 6:44 and 6:06 (it’s 1.45 miles so six minutes is about 15 mph average, which with 18 mph winds and a 45 pound bike is the equivalent of 18 undrafted mph).   Today’s ambition is to actually get outta here on time and … I rode the Trek so I *can* do that 18mph :)   Oh, and I’m 58 miles behind Howard on bike journal … but if he slips hsi monthly century in this week that’ll keep him out there.

Do I get bonus points if I get 1000 miles *without* a metric century or longer ride?

Summertime :)

Pulled up to Pennsylvania and Lincoln and a dad and kiddo were riding there, too… I made a comment that the car across the street would trip the light for us, and I hear the Australian accent expressing surprise that cars activated the light… I mentioned that, well, *most* places in this area the bikes will, too — if you plant ’em on the seam.

Are traffic lights down under all on timers?

Construction instruction

Welp, first — *nobody* was working on either of the two big apartment thingies going up this morning and it’s a gorgeous day.  I’m thinking there must have been a Meeting Of Some Kind.

Last night the Wednesday Pedaling for Pleasure troop went out to Rising to visit the grain elevator and the womannequin out there with her hardhat and riding crop.   I knew when I made the decision that something was happening on some bridge. The bridge was Bradley and traffic was one way with a traffic light enforcing it on a timer.

We went through as fast as we could on the way over and while it turned green for the other guys, they didn’t ride into us, but waited for us and the cars… and yes, people peeled by – but not closely, just quickly.

Both times, we got the green when we were a a bit back and it still would have been green to start up the bridge, but we stopped and waited for a cycle so we could start at the very beginning.  In fact, on the way back we took off as soon as the clump of cars had gone by, a good ten seconds before we got the green.   No, BLOKE 2, we didn’t hug the side and let you by.   We preceded the green this time but BLOKE2 needed to buzz us anyway.   I was compelled to inform the planet that if you’re going to ride like a jerk, vanity tags aren’t a good idea.  I mean, all I know about the morning “stop sign?  You’re just a bicycle, I don’t need to stop” guy was it was a guy in a blue sedan that started with R28.

Yes, these things seem to happen seasonally.

Now, there were at least a dozen other drivers who were extra courteous… and the resident of the “hobbit house” came out and chatted about it with us (a house built into a constructed hill).   Basically it was a nifty ride — and a 40 mile day for me, since I got the commute and laps at lunch and before the club ride. We’ll see about trying for 1000 miles in June…

Moonlight :)

About 35 people were out at the moonlight ride tonight, which is pretty good considering it was about 50 degrees, and it took to misting on us on the way back.   I realized riding in that I should be grateful the warm air *hadn’t* moved in yet because that just might have turned it into lockdown fog.   Miss Jones does not like riding in fog.

I failed at my attempt to solder, even with my “helping hands” magnifying glass with alligator clips.   I even switched to the pair of still healthy brads (if that’s what you call them) as time was running otu but … I am wondering if I was just trying to go too carefully/slowly.   I also want to figure out how to replace the broken guys… I’ll try & get pics tomorrow.    Looks like another trip to MakerSpace … I do want it functioning by GITAP if possible…

Met a nice lady named Alida coming out of the Faculty Summer INstitute conference where I’d presented about Open Educational Resources.   She’s here for the summer from Argentina and got a nice bicycle from The Bike Project and heard about assorted rides and was on the Saturday Saunter *and* the moonlight ride.   I have a feeling she’ll be feeling the ride tomorrow but with satisfaction, too…    I didn’t get a chance to run today so I’ll probably demur on the Monday ride and jog instead, but perhaps…

And I hear the truck blocking the path is still there — with added notes to mine.   I’ll add something else if it’s still there tomorrow…

Thinking blinking

… well, that was the title to my ed blog but it’ll work for tonight.

Cool to see the many bikes in the evening but I knew I wasn’t going to hold out for the movie, after 3 conference days and two presentations so yes, after I finished my beer at the Iron Post … we stopped at the coop… and coming out I could see the walls of rain (three differnet ones).  Possible that none of ’em will get here but there’s a *lot* of energy in the clouds.   (However, feels like not supercell kind of energy.  I hope.)

anyway it’s home!  Cool that another conference person was on a bike she’d gotten from the Bike Project for the summer and appreciated that we have bike culture here :)

w00t! Schnucks has improved parking!

I’d left my phone so I couldn’t get a picture, but when I wandered down to Schnucks after returning to Shampoo-Banana ( left the rental in the driveway, because it’s easier to shop by bike when that’s your routine)… they’ve got wave parking set up – and they’ve moved the comb one out (don’t know if they intend to remove it or not).

Love the midwest

Yes, a lot of it is the big honkin’ Xtracycle and the purple blue and yellow lights don’t hurt… but I’m waiting at the four-way stop a litlte extra because that guy would have let me roll (or was assuming I wasn’t going to stop, except with the blue circle lights that’s not likely)… He proceeds and the *pizza delivery guy* behind him does not peel wiht him, but simply waits.

When I say “sneaking up behind you” to the pedestrians on campus, they *apologize* and step aside (path was wide enough) and then admire my lights.

Oh, and the Pedaling for Pleasure group is cruising down Duncan and this car just. stops. a hundred yards in front of us… as we go by, “Hi Miss Sue!!!”   and then they proceed. (That’s right, no other cars went by…)

But… OER are like bicycles!