Hey! They’ve painted bike lanes onto Country Fair where it’s wide enough!

Mixed feelings. First, no, they didn’t make soI bold (tho’ I’ll double check) as to paint even sharrows on the narrower part.  Secondly, drivers tended to act as if the crack that’s about four inches further in than the bike lane was … a divider.   They stayed on that side of it.  So… do I really need a white stripe? Because Thirdly, seems maybe they don’t stay on that side if I’m not there because there seems to be tons more debris. Perhaps the cars brushed it off before.   We’ll see, though – it’s just been a week.
Also… other folks think it’s fantastic that they are there.   If the line gets people out there because they didn’t just try it and discover cars gave ’em room (though perhaps that’s just my carma and I get room when others don’t)…

so 33.5 miles today 17. 3 yesterday and17. 2 the day before that.  BikeJournal’s down  … I should prob’ly also log over at the National Bike CHallenge but that’s gotten so slick that it’s hard to do.   I *think*  I’m still on 33 1/3 miles per day average and… I’m taking Monday off…

Yesterday there was a dude walking on the sidewalk on Bradley and … I quailed.  Rather than brave the off-road (grass, people… maybe maybe a bit of a bump transition…)  I slowed ‘way down so we’d pass on the driveway … and I’m pretty sure the look wasn’t “what? You didn’t want to get that close to me?” but rather “hey, thanks for giving me space.”

Social Media :)

Found a message to me on Facebook today waiting for my approval:   had I made it home safely last week?

Quite happy to say yes and thank you … and know who my helper was 🙂

I ran through some glass this  morning and… then things felt squishy soft.   Not flat, just soft. Had the pump but … really wasn’t making progress and it was too flaming hot… so I rode down to Champaign Cycle and used the compressor there to amp it full.
We’ll see how full lit is on the morrow.   Might take The Red Bicycle (which by the way is a new ice cream shoppe in Urbana… they should give me a discount…) I should be home by dark after all even if I do a few extra miles.   To keepup with last July I’ll need 52 in the next two days but Friday’s off 🙂  HIgh 89 … but I could knock off 40 in the morning… especially if the sunrise bedroom’s painted and ready.   Moving from the west facing to east facing room just might have me springing into life (snork — or possibly not!  I slept in for the first 40 years and 1 week of my life… I could flop back…)
Today was commute and … the ride to Champaign Cycle at lunch for 4.5 miles and then the Pedaling For Pleasure.   We went to Alto Vineyards and… STaley was awfully busy.  There was talk of “taking the lane” afterward, which we hadn’t.  THe cars squeezed by us.   Coming back we added 2 miles to avoid it.    If we’d doubled up we’d have been more compact — would single file   be more or less likely to invoke road rage than doubling?   Don’t know.     Love that ’round here we have “avoid conflict” option 🙂


I’m pretty sure that was the vanity tag of the intense straight-black-haired female driver’s car who peeled out of a parking lot at me… slowed a tad when I hollered… I wonder if somebody made her get that tag because she tailgates.   It bemuses me when people drive insanely and have memorable vanity tags.

The surprise was the urge I had not to cuss her out (I think I hollered WAKE UP!!! which didn’t fit — she didn’t seem to be distracted or drowsy), but to reach into my basket and hurl an egg at her car.   I don’t have eggs in my basket but … I wanted to hurl the one that wasn’t there at her car and have it smash and leave a mark.

I’ve pondered making something to squirt at cars… but now I’m thinking of designing an ‘egg’ of some kind.   Yea, I’d want it to be biodegradable, as eggs are… but the contents to be less perishable and oh, even less potentially destructive to a car’s finish.   (It’s the surprise that counts, the “what’s that??..”) Delivery would ideally be possible in a way that would seem accidental… oops, you startled me and set off my missile projectile launcher!   For that matter we could design the launcher and have mad nerf battles like bike polo…

Time to get back to mathy stuff. Just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean

Mirror, Mirror

Sunday I had a Not Good Thing happen.   I was cruising down Main Street and I espied the lady in the cart approaching, coming back from Mass, on my side of the street.   I moved left to give her room.

My mirror wasn’t behaving b/c it was drooping madly.   We were navigating/communicating and I heard “blearoop!”  and then two police cars with lights but no sirens went ’round.   We should have both just pulled over & stopped.   I saw the officers two blocks later, and hoped any delay didn’t mean failure to apprehend a criminal (they were talking to a guy with a dog, and no ambulances or other emergency stuff was happening).

Today was different and I wonder if my “fix the mirror and be more alert” decision was partly responsible.   I’m cruising up Country Fair and this big pickup truck with trailer with a crapload of stuff passes me, and then I see it’s stopped up the road… hmm… oh, there’s a big roll of something on the road, and there’s traffic behind me and approaching (though not particularly fast or anything).   I move a little left  and put a hand out and down in a “I’m telling you what to do, not telling you what I’m doing!” manner (and human brains are fascinating because usually we do get that stuff!)  and then point to the Thing in the Road.   The guy in the truck apologizes and retrieves it, I go around when it’s safe, and the guy behind me passes and says “Thanks for the warning!”

— that almost non-event could have been …   interesting.  As in living in interesting times…

… and it’s gorgeous with highs in the SEVENTIES today 🙂  and I rode to work FROM MY HOUSE for the first time this year.  My house has a gloriously orange-painted (“Outgoing Orange”) big bedroom (think: creamsicle)  and the little bedroom will soon be FlyWay Blue.   I decided not to apply “pick a color you like and then go lighter” because my trim will be white semi-gloss in there, too.


I’m thinking that badassery prob’ly doesn’t get censored from algorithms (yet)…

I remember (because Facebook reminded me) a babbling toddler on a scooter getting wildly enthusiastic when I rode by one Sunday morning… last Sunday I went to Meijer with a little extra six mile loop on the prairie and three cyclists were approaching.  They were on relatively nondescript, flat-handle-bar bikes … and the guy in front, prob’ly my age or older, gave me a rousing cheer an awful lot like the toddler .  This resting blissface thing, I think, means I convey badassery vs.  “that poor old woman on the bicycle!”   — I only hope that the cheers are mutual spirit lifting, as opposed to “that poor woman, I need to lift her spirits!”   Then yesterday a humanities instructor lauded me for my fortitude into the wind and general intrepidity.   Says he used to ride the bike to work but the third time he almost got hit… I suggested that my bike was a big factor in that not happening to me but wonder about route and lane position and all that stuff… and yea, if more people were on two wheels it would be even better…

And bombs in England at a concert kids were going to.  Whoopee, we’re all gonna die 😦


Hey, I got 21 miles in today 🙂   The three laat htps at lunch had nothing to do with the “errandoneering” that broke me from the mindset that I just. go. home.  and do errands on weekends. What was a THing To Be Procrastinated (because, you know, it’s after work) became a game to play.   So I went to Meijer and … bought mouse traps.   Haven’t set them yet. Maybe if I just sing really badly the critters will leave?   (I didn’t get the “no see no touch” ones with poison.   Dude, if I”m going to kill something, I’m going to kill it. )

Today was only tailwind for the ride home but going in there wasn’t much wind at all. The lunch laps are circles so you get what you pay for … and it was kinda windy but I just didn’t ride hard.

Yesterday on FB someone posted about a 26″ folder at Neutral, and one of the responses was about a similar creature at Champaign Cycle.   Well, I guess if I get another bike, I should donate the Dahon to the Bike Project… I’m just too brutal for that many small precisely fitting … things that rust and then don’t work.   Could/should also really make an effort to get the Racer rolling.   How much could be wrong with a one speed??

Bottom line:  3 bikes in the fleet stresses me 🙂   I mean, what if I hadn’t gotten the Transport’s flat fixed, and the Xtracycle had needed more than a cleaning?   The Trek is still not right… and the other Trek I still need to report as AWOL.  And I”m extremely grateful that … none of these “stresses” are … really stressful.

Took a picture w/ new phone and it posted to FB directly 🙂  I should be grateful to it … ends up with my life being nicer pretty quickly







It’s all about running 12 errands in 12 days and extolling it 🙂  Hey!   Could this possibly tip me towards getting the locks lopped? As in hair, which was a nuisance yesterday when I started hearing a sound in the spokes … metal on metal.   I pulled over and couldn’t diagnose it… there’s a loose spoke in the works and too much hair in the face.   I ended up loosening the wheel and moving it around a bit and then riding gingerly home.   The noise shifted to only happening when the pedals were engaged.  I got home and did my best to clean up everything, helped immensely by a slice of blue jeans from somewhere which made for good oily floss .  I resolve to clean more often.

Today’s errand should perchance be … mouse traps.   (The other task was cleaning up a drawer where they’re clearly partying.)