w00t! Schnucks has improved parking!

I’d left my phone so I couldn’t get a picture, but when I wandered down to Schnucks after returning to Shampoo-Banana ( left the rental in the driveway, because it’s easier to shop by bike when that’s your routine)… they’ve got wave parking set up – and they’ve moved the comb one out (don’t know if they intend to remove it or not).

Love the midwest

Yes, a lot of it is the big honkin’ Xtracycle and the purple blue and yellow lights don’t hurt… but I’m waiting at the four-way stop a litlte extra because that guy would have let me roll (or was assuming I wasn’t going to stop, except with the blue circle lights that’s not likely)… He proceeds and the *pizza delivery guy* behind him does not peel wiht him, but simply waits.

When I say “sneaking up behind you” to the pedestrians on campus, they *apologize* and step aside (path was wide enough) and then admire my lights.

Oh, and the Pedaling for Pleasure group is cruising down Duncan and this car just. stops. a hundred yards in front of us… as we go by, “Hi Miss Sue!!!”   and then they proceed. (That’s right, no other cars went by…)

But… OER are like bicycles!

May! Rabbit!

I said it first :)

So today there was another bike on the bike rack with no lock — but no bungee cord like the other bike, which I haven’t seen in a while, so it might have been swiped.   This one didn’t have any pedals either… but also no drive train, no chain.  It’s a Roadmaster, tho’ so it’s probably a simple abandonment.

Froggy, Froggy Dew

I could plop myself up into first place in this month’s National Bike Challenge roster for Champaign County Bikes, since I rode in this a.m. The weather happily sent the wild storm through at 6:15; gone by my 7:15 departure but fun riding past the assorted puddles and swellings the storm caused.  (I’m sure select folks will get out and go long soon — but I saw this week’s unsettled forecast and figured I might make some gains…)

Last night was the Prairie Cycle Club’s Pizza Party to kick off the season so I rode home via Curtis Road.   Almost ran over one frog on the bike lane and saw four or five others over the next mile or so.   They were over an inch in size, some of ’em bigger, but I’m trying to remember how big a transitioning tadpole gets; they might have all been fairly recent transformers.   They *didn’t* seem to be trying to migrate across the road or anything; hopefully they sauntered back into the moisture and other cyclists successfully dodged ’em.   There’s a reason to install bike lanes —  a significantly safer buffer zone for frogs :)

Today I spent a mile on Church road chatting with another bike commuter about the marketing campaign Trek *should* have to get a chunk of Big Box Buyers to take the step from Bicycle Shaped Objects to well-fitted, well-engineered *bicycles.*   “You’ll never go back!”   Hey, I’d be *glad* to be a poster lady :)

Stealing ideas

It’s really nice to be back on the bike every day and being able to be on auto-pilot.

I described a bike I’ve seen parked at work w/ a bungee cord coiled four or five times around top tube and bike parking loop and someone said, “maybe it’s not for security; maybe it’s just to keep the bike from blowing over.”

D’oh!   Since I haven’t gotten around to ordering up the monster kickstand for my Xtracycle, and since I swapped out a normal kickstand for a non-monster raise-the-front-wheel two-pronger that is okay but not that stable, that’s an issue… but not today.   I plopped a bungee on my own bike.  (However, I also locked it …)

Spring break is done and yes, there was a constant stream of bike traffic on the ride in.  I even worked up a leetle beet of  sweat ’cause it’s warm enough (42) to do that without snagging an evaporation chill…

Did not pi

There was a “pi” ride today … departing on 3/14/15 at 9:26 and planning to ride oh, 53.589793238462643383279502884197969399375  miles or so.

When the weather forecast said “dense fog advisory until 9″ it tipped me to sticking to the home front… and making a failed attempt to cash in my coin jar.

Coins weigh a *lot,* by the way.   Two fruitcake tins are enough to really mess with handling (I had ’em on the deck of the Xtra so they were up pretty high).   HOwever, the Main Street Busey isn’t open Saturdays (no, I wasn’t going to pour the coins into the drive-through tube the five or six times it would have required ;)).

Dashing out to do two laps informed me the decision was wise; my pulled muscle in my shoulder (wreaked by attempting to use an exercise ball I think… yes, I’ll keep doing that but more carefully…)   is really tight.

I looked back over last year’s bikejournal and saw I was thinking of Calvin’s Challenge … and felt like “no way!” … but of course I”ve often felt “no way!” about rides I’ve done really well on… and setting the “220 miles between V-Day and St. Pat’s” has me … doing 14 miels today that I wouldn’t have done. So, microgoals it shall be…

Raining but ridable :)

It’s been really nice this week to get back into my accustomed rhythm with the planet. Tuesday’s ride in also had the now-expected level of bicycle traffic — generally at least one bicycle in view, and getting passed once or twice. (Yea, I’ll start going faster, next week.)

Last night I was riding through the potholes and sticks and leaves on Main Street and thought I heard that special little noise of Somethign Falling Off the bike.   Except it was a *tiny* noise… except, I told myself… when I failed to  actually *ride back* and retrace my route the last time this happened, three hours later a nice man was at my door with my wallet in his hand, having picked it up off the middle of the road.

So I turned around (I’m glad to say the decision took fewer than 10 seconds; I only argued the point with myself three times).

Hey, my midget clip-it flash drive is bright green, so I had no trouble seeing it.

It still utterly amazes me that these 54-year old ears *heard* that thing fall.   I shall take it as a sign and consider those files blessed (it is my back-up of my Camtasia efforts).


I actually took a photograph that I *like* (tho’ if I were more into the craft, I’d photoshop the telephone wire with snow doing the horizontal distraction out of it):   buswinter   That was the Monday after the Sunday Ten Inches.    Then there’s this little picture of the effects of albedo: icecompressed