The foggy dew…

So far this week I’ve been successful at “get out a little earlier and ride a little harder!” ’cause I’m on the Transport.   I’m inuring myself against it’s banginess — it’s just stiffer than the Xtracycle so it jangles more on potholes.  My crafty friend took one look at the bagless side and said “you could just put a backpack there w/ the straps.”  Hmm, maybe, but I’d have to check for danglers and spoke issues… it would probably be best to get a designated bag and put it on there for re-use, safely and carefully.   (That’s not my bike below — this is the prairie! — but it captures the “baglessess” of that side.  Oddly, my bag is on the other side.) That 3-rail thing vertically next to the rear wheel slips down to horizontal, but it’s clanky. I want something to buffer it… trek transport.PNG

This morning was densely foggy — not quite “pea soup” but I wouldn’t have wanted any approaches >35 mph or so.   I left early and swung by my house and failed to find my hi-viz jacket, so I grabbed a hi-viz shirt to have hangin’ out of the bag in the back, and got the lights rolling.

Got an early lunch lap in b/c of “fire emergency” alarm.  Just might match last year’s “February” — but will have to catch up ’cause January was less. Main thing is … riding harder… and dreaming of … Portland, Oregon?   Maybe?


I rode the Xtra out to the Sisters’ Residence, swapped it with the Transport that I had to leave there when I couldn’t find the key, and rode out to Champaign Cycle to put the Transport in to get the hub swapped.   Need to get the rest of the brake parts out there (the cable that goes from lever to brake) ’cause I forgot that.

Got online and was told by the trip planner that I should head up to the “Country Fair West” stop and I’d get a grey.  This made me quite happy because I’d thought I’d have to do Green and swap — the SIsters’ Residence is on the Grey route. 4:41 the thing would arrive.

I had more time than I thought so I pulled it up on my phone — 14 minutes, it said… the LIme would get their two minutes earlier.   The lime went by and I just waved, and then waited… longer than two minutes. 4:42…  I looked at the route map in the shelter and it showed this as pretty much the end point of the route, as if the bus came out here and turned around.   Hmmm, I thought…did it turn around *in* Country Fair? The stop about 150 yards away?

I looked back and saw it coming through the Country Fair parking lot.  I thought, oh! I missed it — it doesn’t come out to this shelter, and started walking towards the main stop to catch *something.*

Then I thought … no, it prob’ly loops around right here! Wouldn’t you feel dumb if you walked away just as it arrived?

So I went back to the shelter and stood outside to be as obvious as possible that I was waiting for that bus and… the Grey rode right on by.   I jogged a little towards it… wondering if it would stop along the road…???  Nope. It was heading towards, I guess, University?

So I jogged on over to the main Country Fair stop, got on the Green, and was told that I probably had to go out and stand on the road.

CUMTD, if I have to do that, say so.   Don’t have all the information telling me where to go when it’s not true.  The main mall stop is not that far away — maybe people “in the know” can do that standing on the road thing, but don’t tell me I can catch a bus somewhere I can’t.   FAIL.

It’s not bus driver failure except for the part about maybe stopping if there’s somebody at the shelter?  It doesn’t make sense for the bus to pull in unless it’s going to pull through the  mall like the others do.

I don’t know exactly where the “on road” on Country Fair stop is… but if that’s where I should have gone, that’s where I should have been sent.


Chilly but not cold :)

20 degrees yesterday and today for the ride in.   I should drive the car thing soon… tomorrow will be 2 weeks sitting in driveway.

Yesterday I could/should have ducked out to the road on Bradley (the busy road that’s the last quarter mile into campus) — I watched and nobody would have had to slow down (two westbound lanes).   The pedestrian I called out ‘to cause I was on the sidewalk did that depressing thing:   leaped out of my way onto the grass as if he’d been caught where he shouldn’t be.   Okay, that’s less depressing than the one-day-post-Ferguson fellow who slowly stepped aside, slowly raising his hands…

I want to get some actual breathing hard riding in… aside from the quarter mile sustained charges to the traffic lights when the timing decrees.  And … I need to get this resume and CV done!

It’s still endorphins ;)

WILL informed me that the airport was reporting light snow, though out the window, nothing was happening. I hopped on the bicycle and figured it was just above freezing… but it didn’t stay that way.  Light sleet ensued.

Yes, this was another “You’ll ride in anything!” myth building day… I was already warmed up before things got interesting, so the sleet was a “cool refreshing mist.”  There were more than 30 degrees out there — that’s a lot!  The streets were fine — it was pretty much a fine, misty sleet (so when I arrived, there were still dry patches on the sidewalks).

Granted, the 20 mph winds and the rusty chain slowed me down a bit ( maintenance tmie! This weather does bad stuff in a hurry down there), and the guy scraping off his car made me check my helmet — but it wasn’t icy, so I assume there was earlier crusting  Still, I beat the busses 🙂   LEarned from the student who called out “Hi, Susan!” from the bus stop that Orange to Pink gets a person to Parkland from Church Street, so when I find half a million dollars and buy a house there for the “single moms sorority house/ day care center”there is a reasonable bus option.


Just wow

It’s like history, dudes.  Like the news is on this like a terrorist act but the mirror image good thing.

We need a word for the opposite of a terrorist act.

Okay, I am at my friend’s house — so … I”m going to have access to TV more… and this Spicer guy is telling the news what they should be covering. Yes, this is the kind of thing the bully with the important parents says in the principal’s office.  Except most bullies I know are better actors — he doesn’t sound confident at all.

Still, these are the guys with the power.

But the bicycle!
A friend on FB posted “5000 strong” and… it was WestSide Park.  HERE… not Chicago.  5000 people in SHampoo Banana?????

So I got on the bike at one ish — the thing was to happen 11… and headed out.   I saw three people with funny hats and thought… welp, if it’s done, it wasn’t that big, because… there just wasn’t the feel of “coming back from something big.

And I didn’t see many more… I got to Randolph and turned up… figuring I’d get to West Side Park and see remnants.

I saw a police car at University and Randolph and no, you weren’t going to drive a car  further north.   I saw a man talking extremely “respectfully” to the officer about appreciating him.   A very white, very … kind of glazed-eyes cult-follower guy.

I saw … Church STreet.  THe people walking there.   THe lots of people walking there.   Dudes, this march thing started at 11:00.   It’s 1:00.  They are still walking.

I walked with them.  I considered the value of a cargo bicycle in a march.   I considered the need for a word for the opposite of terrorism and that no, this wasn’t quite a “protest march.”   I remember learning a long time ago that a good revolution is about what you *are* not about “we’re not the other guy” though that’s what brings lots of folks to it.

I took some pictures and … headed back (I’m a caregiver right now)… and in the riding around town I saw … honestly, …. it just might be a different world, in some ways good and some ways bad.   The faces that I saw who looked at me riding by, and the bubble over their head said, “are you one of *them*”?   … that was creepy.   The sweet girl who looked at me and said, “enjoy your ride!”   was nice.   The people in funny hats AND WE HAD THE BEST HATS!!!   You could tell they were made by hand :PP )   who …

We’re energized.

We need some good songs.

Sensory girl

41 and drizzle with 23 mph winds — but from the South so in my wide open stretch, behind me.   Okay, it made the turn into Parkland a little cautious because of my wimpiness (stopping and restarting in winds has me doing five legscoots in fear of starting and having some part of my attire blowing into my chain) but all in all a pleasant excursion.

Coming into the building I”m greeted with “This couldn’t have been fun,”  and while I totally appreciate the empathy I had to explain that with the marvels of Gore-Tex… it was fun.

However, those Novara rain pants?   Better than nothing but… I’ve got to peel them off now because the wet is working on through.   If I’d been out longer, I’d be wet. That’s not what rain pants are supposed to do.

They’re looking ahead for dire things this weekend, to the tune of 3 *days* of off and on icing.  The weather channel guy used the words “big deal.”   Reckon I’d best get the garage clear enough for that car thing and stock up on ThingS and Stuff.



So it was somewhere between 3 (temp when I woke up) and 13 (current temp) when I had to decide how to get to church.  Well, first, whether to go… okay, this is the beginning of a sore throat and there’s a trace of congestion but…I can still sing.

The cold decided it for me — the one in my throat, not the outside.   I dressed and rode.  Dudes, when I don’t have a car, I don’t get colds. I ride, get to my destination, and go somewhere go blow everything out of the sinuses… oh, and NPR weekend edition had a visit from the author of a book about the health benefits of exposing the body to extreme cold. (I’m not sure how extreme it really was — the guy “went outside and stood in the snow” and the first day had 5 miserable minutes but was good for an hour in less than a week).

So now I’m still coughing a bit … we’ll see. And we’ll ride.   Okay, maybe not out to Biaggi’s tonight.

Update:   I also remember the time I had the “chills and comin’ down with something” but I left the space heater blasting … and fell asleep and woke up All Better.   There’s that, too.