Cycling is less dangerous…

… I’ve noted that because I ride a bicycle, I’m just more alert all the time.While I’m riding I may be in a higher risk category, but that is at least partly allayed by my risk being reduced overall w/ more alertness.

It also means that  when you come inside and there’s a glaze of ice on your helmet… it’s time to stay inside… and when you have to go out… well, you’re starting out with navigation strategies for skating rinks.   When you are a bicycle commuter, you skip right past the “maybe it’s not so bad, let’s see” part of figuring things out… the ones that have several of my friends with broken limbs right now. There may be price gouging on those wheeled kneel-on-it ankle carts…

So, yes, I was on the bus again today.   At 26 degrees — balmy but the ice is still ice.   Tomorrow I’ll get back on the tw0-wheeler… especially since I’m using up my “get enough fresh air to keep the germs from building up” account and yes, riding a bus means coming into contact with … germs…

And the itty bitty Christmas tree is on the Xtracycle, tho’ I’ll probably ride the Transport because of the fatter tyres.  The generator light didn’t work at all for a bit — but probably because being in subzero temps for a few days drained the battery.   It came back…

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