above freezing :)

So nice to be able to do things like walk!   And ride a bike!   I even took the Xtracycle in because … it’s got the cute little Christmas tree.   Now, I didn’t get any callouts for it — I think it’ll take more lights and bling for that (and I forgot to turn on the purple bats).

A few other bikes on the commute home and all but 1 had glorious headlights. My headlight was wimpy going down Country Fair so I used the flashlight (lots of lumens but about 3 hours of battery life before it fades fast)… until a nice bump got me bright again, and it stayed — even when we got to the other bumpy spots!   When I stopped it sometimes took a bump to get back to bright but… much better than before, and hopefully I can take it apart this weekend and find something to align or clean.

Sigh, the financial insanity of a sudden cash outlay of $19000 means that it might just be February before I do the fun stuff to the Transport, but that will happen. And not having a car is a huge part of why I could actually solve that little problem that way.

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