It’s a c-u thing

Took the bus to Lincoln Square. Yes, even a mile is nasty in this ice.

Several other folks were  getting provisions because “tomorrow’s going to be worse” (high of 9 so all this ice is going to … be ice. ) This a.m. I emailed the music director that if I’m not there tomorrow… I’m praying at home.
Don’t want to take for granted either the bus drivers who navigate this mess … and are so incredibly gracious and respectful to the humans of C-U. “No, I”m not being nosy, but you’ve been getting off at a different stop” … “Yes, that’s where my boyfriend lives …. thanks!”
Reminds me how it makes us shine a little inside when somebody cares about the little stuff. Like if you disappeared, they’d actually notice. And not just nice to the friendly people, either… nice to the ones walking with ghosts or demons or vague disorganized voids between their words and thoughts.  The people it’s easy and usually practical to harden to.  

Yea, the opposite of how those people doing finance for cars are… I really don’t like cars.

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