Hanging with the siblings and nieces and nephews … the bicycle’s in the rental. We went to an indoor trampoline arena.   I wish I’d done the basketball thing first because there was a goal so you could figure out what to do with your body… I probably convinced myself about a dozen times to fall back but the getting back up on a bounce… my elbows were skinless and my back twinginp before I could get to that.   Have I mentioned I don’t know where my body is in space? I suspect if I tried to fall and keep head and shoulders up that I’d have kneed my face at least once…

(Yes, it was still fun.   Anything that involves using legs and quads repetitively is fun, eh? And watching the social dynamics was fascinating.   Lots of little kids and parental types.   Diverse mix and I suspect our party of nine might have skewed the stats because I swear I heard somebody say to her friend, “So many white people!”  just when I noticed… tho’ it was about 60/40   dark/light about then.

THen home to dream an obvious “life is confusing and I don’t know where I”m going” dream where I was at this marketplace/festival with salsa dancing, people selling plastic beads, chinese food, and my friends and I kept getting separated and it kept getting later 😉



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