Time, time, time…

No, I’m not cold.   Tights and my thickest “base layer” and snow pants worked for the commute, though … I need to remember lots of lotion.   I can feel the skin flaking as I sit 🙂

tl/dr (executive summary):  I need to clean out the connections on switch for my generator light and hopefully that will make it work right… and I successfully rerouted tangled cables in the dark!   (thinking actually doing that stuff by feel is quicker than eyeballing it with my lack of sense of space).

the saga…

My light has been behaving strangely.   Okay, for at least a year it’s been prone to going to its dimmer setting and getting brighter if I hit bumps or jolted the pedal crank.  Seems I have to be going pretty fast to get to brighter lights, too.   I thought of dropping by Makerspace Wednesday-a-week ago ’cause it didn’t seem to be charging up right… nope…  Last Friday it just started going … out… entirely on the commute home.   Had to fish out a flashlight.   Except…when I got to the bumpy stretch, it revived.

So Saturday I did my best to secure all connections… and figured that hey!   The little red indicator light that “all charged- you can plug in your phone to the USB port is on!  We’re good!  So… no need to do that extrovert thing and haul the big thing down to Makerspace… (they have a hot glue gun and soldering stuff which I thought might be useful)…

Except Tuesday it failed again.   So Wednesday … I went to the “newly expanded” (they’ve taken over another room, hooray! … but still in the basement…. clop clop cop with the bike down and up outside cement stairs…) and we a:  soldered things onto my garage door opener so it might work (I keep forgetting to check, and it’s cold outside).  B:   checked and determined that all connections are getting that electricity.  No broken wires.

Seemed to work.   Well, actually, didn’t even make it the half mile *home.*

Thursday… the little red indicator went on, hooray! … and the light … went out as I coasted to the traffic light to get out of the college.

Oh.   Expand thinking, dear one.   It ain’t the wires.  What else can go wrong with a light?

Before I got green it was “what did your daddy tell you is always the thing that fails in cheap flashlights?  The switch!”

So I took my thumb and pushed hard on that thing (it’s a soft rubbery thing; I don’t know the term for it)… telling any crud blocking connections to dispel.

I got a blaze of glory.   Granted, an almost-wind-advisory tailwind meant cruising speed was probably 13-15 through town but… this was what it was supposed to be like!   I’d forgotten.

… then I get to the bumpy stretch and … it loses it.   So yesterday I did my best to squeeze things and… it came and went, though it was on 95% of the time and bright 40% of the time.

Today… late to work because hauling the bike down and up stairs mucked up the bungees on my crate and there was a mess of frozen crud in the back wheel disk brakes.  The little red light is back on and …

… Tomorrow, gonna try on my little own self to take the thign apart and get things cleaned.



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