CHill, folks :)

Yes, it was below freezing for the morning commute and still in the 30’s going home.   (Okay, it was 33 by the time I got to work.)

This meant that the house felt *blazingly* warm… nope, the thermostat wasn’t out of whack; it’s 65 degrees.  That’s just toasty, toasty when you’re acclimating.

LOTS and lots of bicycles this morning, too — which doesn’t make sense, because the U is off for thanksgiving.   Three were on the bike lanes on Washington, including one big fat-tired “29er” with a sound system… then not half a mile later a decked out Cannondale goes by with music emitting (and a something-pad on the top tube).

No, I haven’t seen Brian but that would be on 8:00 commute days and… actually, since our cruising speeds are fairly close, we’d have to leave at about the same time to meet each other (he just accelerates rather a lot faster ;)).

(No, I’m not chill about the state of the world.)

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