Forbes Says It’s So

Cycling saves tons of bucks

Really nice to be back on the Xtracycle … I was going to ride the Trek in this a.m. but had the time to pump the tires and… busted the valve stem.  Nancy had told me she’d learned how to screw them back on but… this was busted.

Alas, the aluminum frame doesn’t lend itself to the Flash Flag (but nothing a bit of ductape wouldn’t cure, and I should be able to figure out something to ductape to the seat stay so that I canpop the flag on and off).   I’m curious:  if I add the flag, will that be enough to get the drivers to give me the sameroom that they give me and the Xtra?

Yes, I noticed going down Washington, in the bike lane, that both drivers who passed me crossed the center line to do it. The Big Yellow Flag sticks out into their lane.   Correlation or cause/effect?


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