hot hot hot

…. and time to get back to blogging here.

Gary Cziko’s nifty pics of our July 3 moonlight drive… 30+ folks riding to the Sidney Dairy Barn for ice cream.  The snapshot I wanted was of the SUV coming the other way on the almost-2-lane (country road not worthy of stripes) that just pulled over… I looked at the occupants as we went by, expected to see, oh, I don’t know, resignation, annoyance…

Looked like to parental units and at least one offspring in the back seat, and they were watching us as if we were the Tour de France or something equally worthy of admiration. Now, there’s a culture shift I’d enjoy:  instead of “we’re pulling over — it’s so dangerous out there, they shouldn’t be doing that!”  or “well, they think they own the road!”  it was “hey, look at them! No, just look! Must be 30 of ’em… is that cool or what?”

Of course, it could be my imagination or projection of my fantasies, but I choose optimism 🙂

Getting 1000 miles in July is going to be a bit of a challenge — it’s like a heat wave. No. It is a heat wave. As in, this is the year when Mother Nature starts crying her heart out and saying “I tried to tell you.”100 degrees today, yesterday, tomorrow and the next day.  Then a few days back to the eighties, and then back up to the nineties and…

… 30% chance of rain on one of those days.

Okay, that’s just so a year from now I can look back and ponder my prescience or lack thereof.

2 responses to “hot hot hot

  1. Andy in Germany

    I hear you about the weather. Funnily enough most of the people screaming “I told you climate change was a socialistmarxistgreeny plot to take over the world” in winter have gone very quiet…

  2. It’s been hot. We did a tour last month and felt like the melting witch of the west at times.

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