In Passing :)

I was passed in two interesting ways this week.   Today I dropped off the Xtracycle so’s a group could use the blender.  On my way through the quad, I was rolling slowly ’cause, well, it’s the quad and even though hardly anybody was there if I’m on a sidewalk I try to make like a pedestrian.

The runner who blew by me as if I were standing still — and didn’t look like he was sprinting — confirmed that I was doing a good job.   Either he’s a good actor (hey, when I pass people, I try too look like I’m not working hard) or I expect he’ll do well in the marathon.

On the other hand, the driver who passed me going through the underpass near the bus & train terminal — by going to the left lane, on the other side of the concrete stakes — didn’t make me smile.

I’m tired — and I happen to know it’s because I’m not getting enough exercise.  However, when I got on the trainer last night, it fell over. Haven’t assessed damage yet…

2 responses to “In Passing :)

  1. I’m not sure how to appropriately send this request, and I know it is unrelated to this post, but I would appreciate a follow-up on David Combs when you get a chance. Thanks and regards.

  2. Totally appropriate. I’m glad to say that David is back being our head usher for Parkland Chorus, with the help of a cane, though our concert last Sunday was pushing his limits. He talks about Cindy… it is still and will always be a gaping wound in his heart… he talked about next week being the anniversary of losing her.

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