Senseless tragedy #419,098,320

I exaggerate. Maybe. However, even before this morning I was pondering how we really are officially in SUCKING times and whacks to our solar plexi are going to happen so often that we’re going ot have to take measures to defend against the psychic and physical damage.

David and Cindy — that I pictured here, ‘way back when were hit from behind last night. Cindy is gone. David is in critical condition and they’re not telling him.  I don’t konw that he will ever ever ever be “ready” to hear it.

I know people who I otherwise have respect for who think that we should get ourselves off the road and leave them for cars.   So you can’t see what is fundamentally wrong with (not writing the phrase in my heart) saying “Get OUT OF MY WAY because I KILL YOU and I’m not sorry, YOU should be.”

I also recognize that THAT is, in many more facets of  this culture than cycling, the prevailing attitude of people in power, and they’re not even trying to hide it any more.

We’ll see if our new law is used per .   He sure as shooting busted the three foot law.

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