Creative Civil Obedience

Okay, critical mass people…

I came home via Curtis Road tonight. Yes, I ignored the “side path” even if the eastbound parts don’t have horrific blind spots and right hook traps. It’s not as if there’s any indication that I should get on said path.   The bike lane parts of Curtis were really nice — tho’ it simply, suddenly ENDED and turned into teeny sidewalk.

I had lamented that I would not have a brew tonight, since I had NO intention of taking a side trip to a store… but Friar Tuck is right there. Ommegang.  Ommef*inggang.   I’m trying Three Philosophers and it’s delish.

Then it was back on Curtis and crossing Neil, with “oncoming traffic has longer green,” a sign no doubt installed after too many smashes from left turn on yellowers… only… they didn’t get a turn at all. They have a RR track far enough back so’s you’re not supposed to cross it and wait in between the tracks and the light.  I cruised across and didn’t see a safe way to get to their walk light to trip the light — it’s dusk and raining *and* Unofficial St. Pat’s day so I’m assuming every other person is schnokkered and the rest are drunk.  Welp, I reckon the guy in the “front” of the line was, since he was stopped two car lengths back and not tripping the signal. THey weren’t getting their turn the second time, either.

I pondered how long it would take people to honk that driver forward… and then pondered  having a few bicycles position themselves strategically at the front of the line… *not* tripping the signal, because hey, the signals aren’t made to be tripped by those stupid bhicycles, and simply singing songs and tossing toys for five or ten minutes while the cars backed up behind us. After all, if we were to go through, we would be BREAKING THE LAW!!!!   Now, if a driver got out of a car and suggested we trip the walk light, I would do so gaily, but I know the threshold of Thoughtful Intervention is awfully high for drivers.

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