Cindy and David

See the mirror? See the flag? See how much room a good driver *should* give you?

I’m reasonably sure they were both wearing helmets when they got run over yesterday (this pic was 5 years ago before they were as active in the bike club)… but if you’re *run over,* it doesn’t  make a difference. There’s just a little more plastic mixed involved.

4 responses to “Cindy and David

  1. I’m so sorry about what happened to your friends.

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  3. to the combs family my heart goes out to you…i work where they live so for the most part i got to see them everyday and interact with them…both were very caring people and i miss them all ready…i look up at their window wanting to turn back time just so i could see them again…they will be missed so very much…you are in my thoughts and prayers! <3<3<3

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