Spring ;)

dark clouds

All of 3.3 miles yesterday. I might could have done the commute — it had stopped raining by the time I got home on the bus. It would have been wet.

Today we’re supposed to get wind but I’m hoping that, like yeseterday, it’s Less Than Predicted. It was fine coming in. The Xtracycle is definitely My Favorite Bicycle In The World. I should measure it like we did whenI bought the Transport (discerning that yes, w/ different handlebars, it had same dimensions as the Giant w/ Xtra). The 9B passed me on White before the terminal — but I made really good time b/c the lights were timed so I could ride sorta hard and get through… so I totally beat it to campus šŸ˜‰ Still pondering the “community caregiver” role that both the 9B driver and the Green goin-home take on, and the idea that people who are looking for a “job” but have a calling for that sort of thing… it’s not in the job description and ya you betcha I’m sure it wouldn’t apply to every transit system. Why not? What other Parts of the Community can we build that stuff into (so libraries don’t have to do it all!!!) What other parts of the community *should we create*? (And in the meantime, huge anguish that cops in New York are doing things like taking away people’s workout stuff from Garvey Park — *tearing down* and wreaking havoc on places for community to build).

I’ll figure that out at lunch šŸ˜‰ In the meantime, cases went up over 40% each of the last 2 weeks for the state… might just double from last week to this one in the county. How ’bout keepin’ the masks on?

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