So, I am 38 miles from 1000 for the year, so last nigiht I went to “lovetoride.org” and … bumped the goal from 3/31 to 4/3. It’s easier to take a day off and hop the bus if I’ve been riding 😉 So it was the goal that got me out in the sub-40 days for those 10 mile specials, but it’s the 10 mile specials that have me feeling balanced enough to see Just So Many Thunderstorms on the forecast and hop the bus even tho’ the first squall had passed. (I suspect there was some underlying, irrational “I am NOT a slave to my goals” thinking too 😛 ) I’ve ridden enough so a day off won’t drive me nuts… yes I will *entertain* trying to get 38 miles in by tomorrow night but…
The Community Shepherd 9B driver commended me for being sensible… and then … we went by Stratton Elementary and “traffic here is always… oh, no, somebody’s fallen out!” and … it was the crossing guard.
Twitter WCIA news informs us that yes, a crossing guard was involved in the crash this morning and he was treated for minor injuries at the scene; that a driver failed to obey him. Makes me wonder how many people called the news station asking, and I appreciate them posting!
Next week is “opening pizza partee” and board meeting and right after that I visit family to do Christmas. I don’t like the whole idea of doing pizza at a restaurant with my face all open and then seeing immunocompromised folks, tho’ the majority of our county cases are folks ages 20-30 (252 cases in past two weeks — grand total of everybody else around 200) and… that’s not who is in the bike club. But yea, last week cases tripled and this week it looks like we’re doubling last week. Yes, reminds me of … the surge in December that made us decide to have Christmas on Palm Sunday weekend. I think I’ll avail myself of a test…
Did I mention I ordered up a blender? Hasn’t arrived….

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