I usually attend the county MLK celebration — music, recognition for students, and inspirational talks — but there was also a walk scheduled for TODAY and hey, it’s on the actual day and it is OUTSIDE THANK YOU. Krannert has vax requirement, don’t know about masking — but we’re still rolling about 20% positivity on a WHOLE LOT OF TESTS.

It was chilly 😉 I RODE THE XTRACYCLE 🙂 tho’ I need to figure out how to get its cargo bag to not drag on things. The thing to protect the brakes broke off or something but that sounds like something I can replicate with … hmmm!!!!! a use for the plastic beer holders? No, those might work on the top deck though 😛 Or!! Or!!! (being outside is inspiring visual thinking ?!?) some of the many things to put lights on handlebars that are floating around the house. I also need to hook up lights, etc. and perhaps I shall PROD myself to not wait ’til the weekend when it will be even colder.

Lots of pics taken and yes, folks recognized me in the news coverage… *and* I’ve got two folks’ biz cards because yes, they know people who might could use some skills building. I’m almost warmed up sitting in my house with both coats still on — walking is colder than riding…

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