early ;)

…. so, there was an 8:00 meeting scheduled (the hosts are east coast)… but I left so I could actually be at my desk at 8:01 where it seems the meeting is at 9:00 (zoom). All my time metrics were gone except the bus stops with the clocks — 7:22 instead of 7:28 on White Street. No cars on Main, tho’ I had to wait for plenty crossing Lincoln. The Teal West passed me instead of teh Teal East goin’ by the other way πŸ˜‰ Seemed drivers didn’t dance as well — not the same folks, I suppose, though you’d think if exactly the same cars were going by I’d remember more of them…. there were two other folks on bicycles (but no streams of 5 like earlier in the week).

I love boring πŸ™‚ Yes, lots of K/N95s out there. I also like living where careful people live, and I *still* like that the “stabilizing” spring on the front wheel is gone so it doesn’t resist turning (I wonder if age made it stiffer with rust as opposed to fatigue making it stretchier?)

Now to the work like stuff!

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