Car/ phone culture???

So I’m at the T-intersection on the road w/ the highest traffic count in the county, getting ready to proceed across the T-part and hop onto th e sidewalk for the last quarter mile to turn right into campus (which yes, “savvy cyclists” proclaim means I’m not a “true” cyclist 😛 )

Our light turned green and I looked up because a car had come out and clocked a car proceeding forward. He pounded on his steering wheel (and the light changed)…. so I paused to be a witness, then he got out and asked the lady if she was okay, she got out, and he apologized, said his car had stopped working, he had it in drive and was putting on the gas… so obviously it hadn’t worked unitl it did, which was after the light turned… …. and then they each took out their phones, held them up next to each other and I proceeded and hollered to a guy inching forward as if through the red… and the lady with her already ductaped together car passed me about 30 seconds later. What were they doing with their phones that got them done so fast? Was it two people with i-phones or did they have an app w insurance info? Or were they just exchanging numbers? Inquiring minds…

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