Sneaky 31 miles

Last night the forecast was rain, rain, rain. 1-3 inches.

This morning? We got out and did 31 miles, and since I was riding the Tank, it felt more like 50.

Its brakes got a workover at Champaign Cycle so they’re not so noisy but I’ll be keeping an ear out. Xtracycle’s still in search of a 203 mm AVID rotor and BB7 pads.

This morning’s highlight was starting out and hearing folks singing, as in a whole group of workers ripping off shingles in harmonic rhythm. I hollered “good morning” and got one back. (I don’t know what’s socially appropriate to holler in Spanish even tho’ I’m on my 90th day of Duolingo…)

On my ride back they were packin’ up the truck. Like me, they’d prob’ly had an eye on the clouds all morning.

I’m not a mind reader but it seemed like it *was* joyful singing, not vent-the-frustrations singing. I didn’t catch any lyrics (thinking of sea chanteys here, and those verses about the captain….)

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