Gee, facilities and services

Yes, they’re ramping up and Getting Things Ready for fall semestser.

That means this greeted me yesterday and today.

Now, I ride perpendicular to this and turn… and there’s a road on the other side of the hedge I could take — IF there were one of those sign things saying “closed!” but you know, that would be considering folks not in cars to exist.

It was nice to be back on the 8:00 arrival commute as opposed to 7:30 — saw my dogwalkers… my folks in front of EDEN who are sometimes out for earlier… and yea, had a little wave exchange when I cut to middle lane and a driver could make the right turn onto Prospect, and when I stopped to mail a letter a guy in pickup w/ bike asked if I needed a pump or anything đŸ˜‰ The *citizens* know we exist.

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