Wasn’t worse after all :)

Yesterday I rode in even though it was drizzling and 52 degrees nd windy but today was supposed to be the same only 42 degrees. When “it’ll just be worse tomorrow,” I usually ride because two days without riding is not a good thing at all.

Well, it was 47 … and not drizzling.   It was windier.

I was plowing into the wind and feeling the effects of This Temperature on sinuses and things and decided that yes, riding in exactly this weather is a major boon to the immune system.   Co-worker suggested that the feeling I had of germs dying as blood pumped and cool air penetrated was like the feeling as a shot of whiskey goes down and that’s pretty accurate.  Happily the side effect euphoria of riding is less impairing than that of whisky…

I contemplated trying to get out for a little ride Thrusday before my road trip … no, I’m not at that fitness level where the body does it for me 😉   However, the mile numbers are working their motivation…last October I had 400 miles and I’m at 350 now… 650 to get to 6000 on the year.

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