Just another bikey day

Okay, yesterday I actually got hollered at by a yaboo in a pickup — whipping past me to duck under the viaduct by the bus terminal (there are concrete posts in the middle of the road where we go underneath so they had to go by pretty fast).   I made a point of pulling out my phone and pointing it here and there and they disappeared pretty quickly.

I have put the plates on the car thing.   I had no desire to drive it to the Sisters’ Residence, though.   I’m going to try tokeep a full on diary of when I drive it — or, at least, when I do stuff with it like buy gas or wiper blades.   We’ll see how long that lasts — but it might work just because I won’t be using the thing much.

That said, the Transport isn’t as much fun as the Xtra for commuting.   The “oh,, I’ll just drive in” threshold is closer.   This weekend — going to get that light thing working.   I might swing by bike shops and see if they have the connectors handy and would part with one for me, or I’ll spend a few bucks (ugh! for half a cent worth of plastic that I could probably make with a 3D printer!)  on one.

The Transport’s not as much fun because its railings and things clang madly with every bump.   I need to find somebody who likes to mess with things 🙂   There’s got to be a way to quell the chaos. It *is* however tolerable now that I’ve stuck a bag on the other side for ballast balance.

Today I left work at 5:05 ’cause I really did want time to put the license plates on and in case people needed time.  Wow!  It’s a party out there!   Easily 3 times as many bicycle commuters.   So… the registration and stuff are all in the ccar where they’re supposed to be… the license plates are on… it is, really, “my car.”

I still hate cars.   We’ll see how this goes.


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