Heading to 6000

Hoping that I’m on a grace wavelength… I’ve taken on a Project that Involves … thinking like an administrator.   I have four days of five resisted noon inertia and gotten outside for lunch ride — yesterday three full times around.   “You said you would do this” has been effective for squelching the inertia… and yes, 6000 being a genuine possibility.   (448 miles to go but who’s counting 🙂 )   Sometimes thinking of the computrainer set up at Champaign Cycle which is open for people to record times on a hill climb…

Failed at the “blessing on you and everyone you endanger today” Monday when crossing University in front of the bus terminal and realizing the perpendicular driver was disregarding the red light… the fellow at the terminal, though, seemed to approve at my outburst.   Since I was coming out of Choral Union it was a well-projected, well-enunciated tenor vocalization with “Hellooo, it’s a red light” with an extra word or two…(I was pre-escalated, having called out “liiiights!! Liiights!”  the block before at a driver w/0 headlights to no avail. )

And that’s about as exciting as it gets besides the driver this a.m. who ignored the pedestrian flashers at Christie Clinic — the old “right lane drivers stopping for you but here comes Mr. Hurry” reason I don’t like a driver yielding to me when it’s really my right of way in similar situations.




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