Popcorn storms

Yesterday should have been sweltering, but tho’ the a.m. ride was at 78 degrees already, there was an intensity to the energy such that I charged into the headwind and had a sub-35 minute commute. (It helped that I was wearing jersey and shorts so I knew I could go hard.)

Then, just for me, a minuscule cloudburst rained where we were going to do our bike ride.  Not here, 2 miles away… but it slammed the temperature down into the downright pleasant range for that little pocket so my campus laps went 5:25, 5:26, 6:soemthing (the recovery lap) and 4:57.   It’s a mile and a half so that means getting the Xtracycle truckin 🙂 … and then it was just four of us on teh Tuesday ride, and instead of 15 miles at 13-14 mph that sometimes happens if it’s “oh, just the experienced cruisers” we went 20 miles at 15-16 with several 18+ intervals. That new front tire sure is fast!

This a.m., 82, and just that kind of oppressive where’s-the-air fog (and there was fog). Oh, and I did not manage to drink any tea before I left… but I think it will take more than caffeine to clear the air.   Still, we could get popcorn tonight!

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