The heat is on

…. tho’ it was only “hot.”   Went to  church and then out to the bike shop — on the folding bike, because of this:

I sort of thought about trying to boot it … but instead stuffed it into a bag and hopped on the folding bike.

I’d planned on riding the green Schwinn over there except…. I don’t know where it is.   It’s not in the garage.  Did I loan it out?  (It is *possible* that I was relieved of it — but why just that bike? It wouldn’t have been ridably inflated, as half of the other bikes in there would have been.  It’s not that valuable and it doesn’t reallyh appear thus. )   So if you’ve borrowed a lovely grfeen ladies’ Schwinn Racer, one speed, with handbrakes added on… let me know 😉

I’m asking thunderstorms to brew.

I have a HOME PHONE for the first time since … early 1998.   Must look up things like “do not call.”   Despite  despising and loathing Verizon for its frankly evil practices (market to people who can’t afford much wiht low prices… but oh, the fees if you’re a day late or a dollar short or discontinue, *that’s* where the profit lies…)I went with their wireless twenty-dollar-a-month unlimited deal… 2 year contract. But now I won’t realize that well, actually, the phone hasn’t been charged in three days… I might even let it lapse for a bit here and there (since it’s a no contract phone).


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