flat tire with the tube hangin' out

Sometimes you can’t even *walk* the bike when the tire goes flat.   I decided not to chance riding on the shredded tyre, so I grabbed tires off the hanging thing in the garage.   The 35mm new (did I get it for the Gazelle? on sale?  No recall) one seemed just too huge to go on the rim, so I grabbed th best lookingone of the remaining ones, assuming it was one taken off the Xtra last summer when I got new skinny tyres for GITAP.   As I popped it onto the rim, though, I saw it was from the Gazelle.

It got me through the Saturday Saunter, no problem.  No flat like Richard had… lesson here:  which people in the picture are safely off the road, and who isn’t?… except that I had parked my big honkin’ bike with its big honkin’ flash flag behind and was watching for vehicles, so it wasn’t really a hazard, and all Richard was doing was pumping up to get the last 3/4 mile to Wines at the Pines for scones and coffee.   pump that flat

someone else's storm

This is from Saturday evening… when we just got a little outburst with a few hailstones the size of little ball bearings.   I could see that somebody was getting a beating.  There’s a lot of that going around.

Someone else’s storm
Should it worry me?  It should.
we all live downstream.

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