Sharrows for the gutterbunnies

Last night I saw the finely ground reflective granules and pondered them… and then this morning, I saw the freshly painted bike lane icons and sharrow markings and remembered that the grinding is part of the prep for painting.

I’d been told that no, the sharrows really weren’t supposed to hug the right side of the road — they don’t in Champain on Randolph or State — especially since the right lane is Right Turn Only.  However, that’s where they are in Urbana. It’s sending the strong visual message that I can move out … into the right turn lane. Not too far, you whippersnappers!!    However, I’m not turning right.

Sharrow on Washington Street, too far to the right

Yes, that’s a “bicycles may use full lane” sign behind those tree branches.

Sharrow too far to the right (secondone)

I started wondering if somebody involved  was, oh, somebody like our state’s attorney who couldn’t *openly* say “I just want those bicycles OUT OF THE WAY of drivers — yes, we kill them but heavens! Expect us to actually look at the road while we’re driving??? Maybe, in highly traveled areas…”  No, you won’t put it in those words —   but hey, when you can, you are going to  make sure we on the bikes know that in your ideal world, and you’ve got a fair amount of power, Those Are The Rules and we should just Suck It UP.

More likely, I realize, it’s just  somebody who sincerely believes that is where the sharrow belongs — a belief that needs to be corrected.

My tires are tired of that.   Do you think I should replace them, or try to get at least 100 more miles out of ’em?

worn tire


One response to “Sharrows for the gutterbunnies

  1. So, who is patting themselves on the back for THAT bit of nonsense?

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