Morning Brainstorms

… no, not that kind πŸ™‚
Some people have brilliant ideas in their dreams, get up and write them down… and in the morning, sometimes they’re still brilliant and sometimes … it’s something like “orange julius peppercorns.”
I get them while I’m riding, and usually they’re forgotten and probably best so.
Yesterday’s was that just as you can get “daily vocabulary enrichment” and you vow to use that word three times in the day, a person could set up a similar “pingy thingy” for math. You get a little blurb in the morning, and you set it up to ping you periodically and you answer it. It coudl be a really basic fact like thing, or harder.
It woudl be neat if the program could track your response time (from when you clicked “go ahead and ask me! to putting in the answer) so it could tell you “yea! you remembered!” Of course you could program in your own “dumb stuff you need to remember” too. I mean, we ALL need to instantly factor the difference of squares.
And on the broader scale, I think I’ll go look up “numeracy organizations.”

Of course, I still also want to design that spelling software, which could be set up the same way.

This a.m. I slept in. Still beat WKG 44, who was parked on the street.
Lots of bikes. I also thought about spending three hours putting together a web page about biking in the winter in C-U. Mebbe Friday night. (Yes. I’m trying to get ideas into time slots. It’s radical. )

2 responses to “Morning Brainstorms

  1. I used to carry a little voice recorder with me to record those little brainstorms while cycling. But after I realized I never listened to my own recordings I stopped doing it.

    I had a bizarre dream last night in which I tracked a giant squid that mysteriously disappeared. I followed it’s tracks in the seabed in my submersible and got increasingly disturbed as the “tracks” become a huge furrow that led to an undersea cavern in which I encountered a monstrously huge flat burrowing shark that was almost perfectly camouflaged as it lay pressed against the cave wall, lying in wait to gobble unwary victims. I escaped with my life by singing “La Cucaracha,” was honored to provide the Latin appellation for this new discovery as a team went back down to kill the monster freak of nature. The end.

  2. Ahhh… clearly you are deeply involvedi n soemthing just a bit murky – and you are worried about a traitor in your midst.
    You are anxious about being sucked into failure, but have always been able to count on outside rescue.
    You also have occasional cockroaches and grow who-knows-what in your basement in deep furrows πŸ™‚

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