Loong way

The long way got a little longer, ’cause Bradley Rd. was closed. Not closed-but-a-bike-could-get-through, but clsed with large trucks hauling dirt and piles of dirt for at least a half a mile.
I had 7 minutes to spare… so I had to sprint back to Springfield and then take that in. It wasn’t as nasty as I feared, being as it’s the morning, not the afternoon rush, and the road is very fresh asphalt.
Ducked onto the sidewalk at Duncan (nobody walks it) to get over the interstate. Got an approving honk from a Known Person who only honks after he’s passed me so he doesn’t freak me out 🙂
Got to work a minute late but not in too much of a lather since there was a strong South wind blowing me in.
Since Howard’s gone and done a century, I am COMPELLED to get the gap between us back under a hundred and thusly went for a three lap lunch for 4.2 extra miles towards that end. Tooted at OFC 57 who came closer than I liked, and liked that observable slowdown. (Laid on horn last night at driver who overtly ignored me at the 4-way stop, tho’ I didn’t have my Spokelits going so I’m not sure whether side visibility was a factor or not.)
Have another 70 cans to feed teh Goat with.

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