Training :P

I rode the Racer 0h, 5.4 miles for the church trip and another 2 miles later — and *did* coast out and OOPS car coming and no, I’m not in “braking position” but yea, my legs figured out what to do. It’s still not comfy. It *is* an awesome bike and its one gear is Sue Jones’ Favorite Effort Gear. Chatted w/ a “sister from another mister” buying shrooms at the market — she’d gone in by the time I pulled up to her Schwinn … but she left when I was leaving and her steed is from the fifties, obtained at the police auction when they had those. I appreciate the similarity of paint jobs…

Last week somebody linked to somebody’s research survey about the effects of athletic training on life and stuff. So I took it, noting that it included things about injuries and oh, the stuff of people who push really hard in competing. I reflected on not really competing or riding hard for a while, and/but that I managed to get 535 miles last *March* because of the absolute joy of having the Xtracycle back (including getting pulled over by an Urbana cop, and when he said that well, somebody on a bicycle had been taking stuff from yards, I refrained from saying “you know, not too long ago I would have assumed you were telling the truth,” and just went on my way… I didn’t even say “are you new?? DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM???” πŸ˜› πŸ˜› )

… and while on the weekend I only eked out 18 miles (9 is the Basic Errands so yes, there was extra but… not a RIDE extra), today for the lunch laps I did the second 1.45 miles in 6:05, as in, breaking a sweat, because a: I want to get to 500 miles today (6 more to go and it’s a 6.8 mile commute home πŸ˜› ) and b: just talking about being competitive triggered it πŸ™‚

And a Facilities and Services truck was plopped in the middle of the Fountain cut – through — but in a place aperson could ride around. And I have a baritone solo in Maori to learn πŸ™‚

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