The weather was kind again and the storms abated by 7:00 and the winds soared me on into work. So, I’m ahead of last February’s grand total already! That said, I managed 523 miles last March…. inspired by Having The Xtracycle Back. Welp, I’m going to get inspired by … looking at Last March 😛 and hopefully by having the Racer back. When my amazon points reappeared from the credit card, I Gave Up and ordered a new S-6 tire from Kenda. I put a new tube in too on general principle and … eyed the rim tape suspiciously. It’s possibly from 1968 😉 IT ROLLED ROUND 🙂 🙂 That said, the Coaster Brake Motor Memory … did not return yet. So comin’ into the driveway I braked NOT ENOUGH and put the left foot down but that would be the foot to brake more so I was Flinstoning … but I shall aim to ride it to church Sunday — and take a picture of the wonderful thing 😉 — and consider putting “Vaca con cuernos” on the top tube as its name, since I’ve been doing Duolingo enough so if somebody said something in Spanish I might have half a clue 😛 My student worker one year saw the bike and said that phrase and then “I don’t know how to translate!!” — well, basically it’s “milk cow with horns,” the horns being the handlebars and the big ol baskets being udders 😛

The winds are **supposed** to shift so they’ll blow me home with diving temperatures — but only diving slightly below freezing. January was seventh warmest month ever… I’m thinking February may top that ’cause we had some cold spells, and yes, I’m downright worried about summer.

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