SLimy Again

eya, more of the “high 50 degrees, rain” stuff for this week.   My $10 faux gore-tex pants I think have had all the tex washed out of ’em, but the amphib tights are amphibious thus far, so things are pretty dry and happy. (The genuine Gore-Tex jacket is still waterproof and breathable and gives teh pleasant, relaxing rain-on-the-roof sound effect. )

Still have to duck up to Springfield for a block on the a.m. commute.  Happily the rain hasn’t exceeded the drainage capacity of the underpass on Logan.  Do kinda wish I had the wheel on the Gazelle, since I think it would be really really happy to ride in this stuff.

3 responses to “SLimy Again

  1. Yeah, you’re not going to get much rain resistance for $10. Ah well.

  2. Actually, at first they were pretty good (it was a closeout thing with $80 retail price). I was hoping there was something to put on ’em (was thinking that if shoes had it, clothes should, too…) – I’ll try it.

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