Just Cloudy :)

No, it doesn’t do the soggy cornfields much good, but ’twas a much easier ride in this a.m.

Over the summer I picked up some AmPhib tights off the sale rack at Champaign Cycle and had ’em on under the faux gore-tex.  It reminded me of that first time I wore “real” wicking tights (that particular pair, however, having shrunk – or perhaps the quads have expanded, or…).  Heavens, they work!  Wet on the outside, dry at my skin.

Bicycling & Pedestrian Advisory Commission last night.    I am forever steeled to see the best laid plans watered down and picked apart on their way to execution.  Au contraire,   it seems the tweaks to our bicycle plan are improvements.  Lauds to Jennifer Selby, who’s also doing the application-form work towards our application to being a bike-friendly city; glad I’m on the U side of U-C.  Heard expressions of concern about Windsor and Race and “constant conflicts” ’cause it’s so wide, and felt less wimpy about my tendency to ride East to Philo instead and use the light instead.

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