Saw my video!

Don’t get too excited, but I watched all 38 minutes of yesteray’s commute, as shown by the camera I taped to my Snapdeck.

Okay, I fast forwarded a fair amount.

Okay, I grabbed hte mouse and dragged the little pointeer thingie a few times…

It’s a zen thing.  Do you know how much traffic there isn’t on an early morning of a summer day? It’s rather calming.  Soon as I figure out how I’ll post it for your narcosis needs.

I felt a tad invisible today, though, even on the Xtra.  It’s a summer thing, I think – since there is so little traffic, people aren’t looking for it.

2 responses to “Saw my video!

  1. Tips to make your video interesting:

    1. Just keep the most interesting 3 minutes or so.

    2. Consider double speed.

    2. Add some music.


    * A bus trip compressed to 26 seconds.

    * My ride to the train station in 34 seconds.

    • We were having fun imagining voiceovers, actually with our best late night radio voices. Tried to figure a way to work in that “carbon fiber frame” song but the wrong vibe.

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