Memory Lane

Remember “the test?” (the “be aware of cycling” blurb)

I wonder how the scuttlebutt played out on it, since it was a piration of  this at our own U of I …   I can’t find how to search my blog to link to the posts from when it happened…  and also found a “Brainiac” version of the same thing on Youtube, probably also within the Brit definition of not violating copyright (because they changed colors of Tshirts and passed lunchboxes instead of basketballs).

In doing so, found that the “top searches” that landed people here included “xtracycle,  i can not lock my elbows,  foggy foggy dew,  diagonal parking bike lanes,  best multi purpose bicycle 2008”

So there’s somebody else out there who can’t lock elbows?  Bet we’re kin…

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