“winter cycling” press

I like this article about “Frosty Cyclists” – not a lot of creative (mis)interpretation of our breed; simple reporting.   It’s about winter commuter cyclists in Ohio – the reporter found several different genres- the 50-something research scientist (“professor type”), the 24-year old who’s thinking green… the 41-year=old new dad who wants to be healthy enough to see his new daughter graduate…

Nobody else came to ride at the Darwin ride, so I just did the out and back.  Body really, really wants more riding.  It’s 12 degrees (okay, less by now)… was going to go to a concert and frankly, if it were 10 miles away instead of 2 I might ’cause I’d be warm (and would get the Real Ride in)… but there’s a list of Stuff to Get Done on the Weekend, ya know…

Got Gazelle’s chain on… the chain guard isn’t snapping into place and I can’t help but think it would be more willing if it weren’t so cold.  Might just turn the heat up for that… and/or take it down to the coop tomorrow for a hoist to the rack and second opinion.  Must remember to practice hoisting *it* so that if it snows I can get it on the bus racks, adn so I can develop BICEPS 😛 😛

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