Windows of opportunity

chiseling this path was like unto fonging

chiseling this path was like unto fonging

Got out between the downpours and the re-icing for some nice riding.  Sidewalks are unnavigable, so peds are in the streets so we have complete streets 🙂  Went to CHampaign Cycle via the campus route and those streets & walks will be unpleasant when it freezes up again (it’s down to 28 at the airport already; I felt the wind pick up and the clouds fly away on the ride).  It was deep enough plowing through the slush to make things mildly interesting even now, though I suppose big fat studs would just do the trick once it’s “just” ice.  It’s extremely irregular ice, though.

Got my axle nuts… the grunge on the axle was noted and I shall, I promise, take the next chance at the bike coop to take it apart and clean its little self.

Felt really, really good to pedal hard and use muscles (and used a few more whacking at the ice to make a path on the driveway for when I come home, tho’ maybe I’ll hoist the bike up stairs and take it in the living room… I don’t trust the ramp not to be slidy.)

Lots of people where out ice-whacking (which, I suppose, if you tied twine around the shovel and put your fingers in your ears, would be a form of fonging).  The layers of melt and ice lent for some interesting effects.  Happening in Urbana and Champaign – I wonder if the CHampagin Shovel Laws inspire people to shovel in Urbana more hoping there won’t be such a law or  with “we don’t need no stinkin’ law”  smugness.  I know that’s what got me out on my walk and half of the neighbor’s 😛

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