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quiet commute!

Seemed like there was less traffic than usual this a.m. — it’s Monday, so I was an hour later and usually things are busier.   Few cars and fewer bikes … so I guess people had Prez day off or something…

12 degrees is palpably warmer than 7.   My little face did not mind the ride in at all (and there was almost no wind but I think that was true yesterday, too).

Did not get my Xtracycle light soldered this weekend… I realize that with the new setup it is easier to take it off and take it inside to do things with it, so that I could conceivably drop in at MakerSpace without having to haul a bicycle down stairs, which given the fact that I’m an “ex” of the Bike Project, which I’d have to go by, would be a good idea.   I should also just check & see what I need to have around to solder on the home front.  I obtained an iron but don’t know if I have the actual solder…

Got an email about the latest things Xtracycle is doing.   Seems they’re no longer selling things online but have some new things in the offing.   Hoping they can make things work.

Chilly and foggy ;)

Minnesota article on bicycle commuting in winter.

Glad I haven’t had to commute in the recent stuff; I wonder if Parkland would have closed Christmas Eve if it weren’t Christmas Eve.  Today it’s pretty dense fog … not quite as dense as that Monday last year when the air like this stuff (very humid and gulfy) charged over lots of snow and rendered us a huge, thick cloud.  Still, enough to preclude goin’ out on the prairie.  However, tomorrow I shall remember how good the prairie is, keep an eye on the radar, and see if I can find a window between the storms. (Don’t mind rain, but I’ve done my ride in lightning this year.)

Wondering if Tony from Atwood is doin’ his New Year Ride … Kent says Illini CHill is supposed to happen but he’s not doing it.  I sent an email to the illini chill address but haven’t gotten a response yet…

Windows of opportunity

chiseling this path was like unto fonging

chiseling this path was like unto fonging

Got out between the downpours and the re-icing for some nice riding.  Sidewalks are unnavigable, so peds are in the streets so we have complete streets 🙂  Went to CHampaign Cycle via the campus route and those streets & walks will be unpleasant when it freezes up again (it’s down to 28 at the airport already; I felt the wind pick up and the clouds fly away on the ride).  It was deep enough plowing through the slush to make things mildly interesting even now, though I suppose big fat studs would just do the trick once it’s “just” ice.  It’s extremely irregular ice, though.

Got my axle nuts… the grunge on the axle was noted and I shall, I promise, take the next chance at the bike coop to take it apart and clean its little self.

Felt really, really good to pedal hard and use muscles (and used a few more whacking at the ice to make a path on the driveway for when I come home, tho’ maybe I’ll hoist the bike up stairs and take it in the living room… I don’t trust the ramp not to be slidy.)

Lots of people where out ice-whacking (which, I suppose, if you tied twine around the shovel and put your fingers in your ears, would be a form of fonging).  The layers of melt and ice lent for some interesting effects.  Happening in Urbana and Champaign – I wonder if the CHampagin Shovel Laws inspire people to shovel in Urbana more hoping there won’t be such a law or  with “we don’t need no stinkin’ law”  smugness.  I know that’s what got me out on my walk and half of the neighbor’s 😛