Mirror, Mirror

Sunday I had a Not Good Thing happen.   I was cruising down Main Street and I espied the lady in the cart approaching, coming back from Mass, on my side of the street.   I moved left to give her room.

My mirror wasn’t behaving b/c it was drooping madly.   We were navigating/communicating and I heard “blearoop!”  and then two police cars with lights but no sirens went ’round.   We should have both just pulled over & stopped.   I saw the officers two blocks later, and hoped any delay didn’t mean failure to apprehend a criminal (they were talking to a guy with a dog, and no ambulances or other emergency stuff was happening).

Today was different and I wonder if my “fix the mirror and be more alert” decision was partly responsible.   I’m cruising up Country Fair and this big pickup truck with trailer with a crapload of stuff passes me, and then I see it’s stopped up the road… hmm… oh, there’s a big roll of something on the road, and there’s traffic behind me and approaching (though not particularly fast or anything).   I move a little left  and put a hand out and down in a “I’m telling you what to do, not telling you what I’m doing!” manner (and human brains are fascinating because usually we do get that stuff!)  and then point to the Thing in the Road.   The guy in the truck apologizes and retrieves it, I go around when it’s safe, and the guy behind me passes and says “Thanks for the warning!”

— that almost non-event could have been …   interesting.  As in living in interesting times…

… and it’s gorgeous with highs in the SEVENTIES today 🙂  and I rode to work FROM MY HOUSE for the first time this year.  My house has a gloriously orange-painted (“Outgoing Orange”) big bedroom (think: creamsicle)  and the little bedroom will soon be FlyWay Blue.   I decided not to apply “pick a color you like and then go lighter” because my trim will be white semi-gloss in there, too.


I’m thinking that badassery prob’ly doesn’t get censored from algorithms (yet)…

I remember (because Facebook reminded me) a babbling toddler on a scooter getting wildly enthusiastic when I rode by one Sunday morning… last Sunday I went to Meijer with a little extra six mile loop on the prairie and three cyclists were approaching.  They were on relatively nondescript, flat-handle-bar bikes … and the guy in front, prob’ly my age or older, gave me a rousing cheer an awful lot like the toddler .  This resting blissface thing, I think, means I convey badassery vs.  “that poor old woman on the bicycle!”   — I only hope that the cheers are mutual spirit lifting, as opposed to “that poor woman, I need to lift her spirits!”   Then yesterday a humanities instructor lauded me for my fortitude into the wind and general intrepidity.   Says he used to ride the bike to work but the third time he almost got hit… I suggested that my bike was a big factor in that not happening to me but wonder about route and lane position and all that stuff… and yea, if more people were on two wheels it would be even better…

And bombs in England at a concert kids were going to.  Whoopee, we’re all gonna die 😦


Hey, I got 21 miles in today 🙂   The three laat htps at lunch had nothing to do with the “errandoneering” that broke me from the mindset that I just. go. home.  and do errands on weekends. What was a THing To Be Procrastinated (because, you know, it’s after work) became a game to play.   So I went to Meijer and … bought mouse traps.   Haven’t set them yet. Maybe if I just sing really badly the critters will leave?   (I didn’t get the “no see no touch” ones with poison.   Dude, if I”m going to kill something, I’m going to kill it. )

Today was only tailwind for the ride home but going in there wasn’t much wind at all. The lunch laps are circles so you get what you pay for … and it was kinda windy but I just didn’t ride hard.

Yesterday on FB someone posted about a 26″ folder at Neutral, and one of the responses was about a similar creature at Champaign Cycle.   Well, I guess if I get another bike, I should donate the Dahon to the Bike Project… I’m just too brutal for that many small precisely fitting … things that rust and then don’t work.   Could/should also really make an effort to get the Racer rolling.   How much could be wrong with a one speed??

Bottom line:  3 bikes in the fleet stresses me 🙂   I mean, what if I hadn’t gotten the Transport’s flat fixed, and the Xtracycle had needed more than a cleaning?   The Trek is still not right… and the other Trek I still need to report as AWOL.  And I”m extremely grateful that … none of these “stresses” are … really stressful.

Took a picture w/ new phone and it posted to FB directly 🙂  I should be grateful to it … ends up with my life being nicer pretty quickly








It’s all about running 12 errands in 12 days and extolling it 🙂  Hey!   Could this possibly tip me towards getting the locks lopped? As in hair, which was a nuisance yesterday when I started hearing a sound in the spokes … metal on metal.   I pulled over and couldn’t diagnose it… there’s a loose spoke in the works and too much hair in the face.   I ended up loosening the wheel and moving it around a bit and then riding gingerly home.   The noise shifted to only happening when the pedals were engaged.  I got home and did my best to clean up everything, helped immensely by a slice of blue jeans from somewhere which made for good oily floss .  I resolve to clean more often.

Today’s errand should perchance be … mouse traps.   (The other task was cleaning up a drawer where they’re clearly partying.)

The foggy dew…

So far this week I’ve been successful at “get out a little earlier and ride a little harder!” ’cause I’m on the Transport.   I’m inuring myself against it’s banginess — it’s just stiffer than the Xtracycle so it jangles more on potholes.  My crafty friend took one look at the bagless side and said “you could just put a backpack there w/ the straps.”  Hmm, maybe, but I’d have to check for danglers and spoke issues… it would probably be best to get a designated bag and put it on there for re-use, safely and carefully.   (That’s not my bike below — this is the prairie! — but it captures the “baglessess” of that side.  Oddly, my bag is on the other side.) That 3-rail thing vertically next to the rear wheel slips down to horizontal, but it’s clanky. I want something to buffer it… trek transport.PNG

This morning was densely foggy — not quite “pea soup” but I wouldn’t have wanted any approaches >35 mph or so.   I left early and swung by my house and failed to find my hi-viz jacket, so I grabbed a hi-viz shirt to have hangin’ out of the bag in the back, and got the lights rolling.

Got an early lunch lap in b/c of “fire emergency” alarm.  Just might match last year’s “February” — but will have to catch up ’cause January was less. Main thing is … riding harder… and dreaming of … Portland, Oregon?   Maybe?


I rode the Xtra out to the Sisters’ Residence, swapped it with the Transport that I had to leave there when I couldn’t find the key, and rode out to Champaign Cycle to put the Transport in to get the hub swapped.   Need to get the rest of the brake parts out there (the cable that goes from lever to brake) ’cause I forgot that.

Got online and was told by the trip planner that I should head up to the “Country Fair West” stop and I’d get a grey.  This made me quite happy because I’d thought I’d have to do Green and swap — the SIsters’ Residence is on the Grey route. 4:41 the thing would arrive.

I had more time than I thought so I pulled it up on my phone — 14 minutes, it said… the LIme would get their two minutes earlier.   The lime went by and I just waved, and then waited… longer than two minutes. 4:42…  I looked at the route map in the shelter and it showed this as pretty much the end point of the route, as if the bus came out here and turned around.   Hmmm, I thought…did it turn around *in* Country Fair? The stop about 150 yards away?

I looked back and saw it coming through the Country Fair parking lot.  I thought, oh! I missed it — it doesn’t come out to this shelter, and started walking towards the main stop to catch *something.*

Then I thought … no, it prob’ly loops around right here! Wouldn’t you feel dumb if you walked away just as it arrived?

So I went back to the shelter and stood outside to be as obvious as possible that I was waiting for that bus and… the Grey rode right on by.   I jogged a little towards it… wondering if it would stop along the road…???  Nope. It was heading towards, I guess, University?

So I jogged on over to the main Country Fair stop, got on the Green, and was told that I probably had to go out and stand on the road.

CUMTD, if I have to do that, say so.   Don’t have all the information telling me where to go when it’s not true.  The main mall stop is not that far away — maybe people “in the know” can do that standing on the road thing, but don’t tell me I can catch a bus somewhere I can’t.   FAIL.

It’s not bus driver failure except for the part about maybe stopping if there’s somebody at the shelter?  It doesn’t make sense for the bus to pull in unless it’s going to pull through the  mall like the others do.

I don’t know exactly where the “on road” on Country Fair stop is… but if that’s where I should have gone, that’s where I should have been sent.


Chilly but not cold :)

20 degrees yesterday and today for the ride in.   I should drive the car thing soon… tomorrow will be 2 weeks sitting in driveway.

Yesterday I could/should have ducked out to the road on Bradley (the busy road that’s the last quarter mile into campus) — I watched and nobody would have had to slow down (two westbound lanes).   The pedestrian I called out ‘to cause I was on the sidewalk did that depressing thing:   leaped out of my way onto the grass as if he’d been caught where he shouldn’t be.   Okay, that’s less depressing than the one-day-post-Ferguson fellow who slowly stepped aside, slowly raising his hands…

I want to get some actual breathing hard riding in… aside from the quarter mile sustained charges to the traffic lights when the timing decrees.  And … I need to get this resume and CV done!