Just wow

It’s like history, dudes.  Like the news is on this like a terrorist act but the mirror image good thing.

We need a word for the opposite of a terrorist act.

Okay, I am at my friend’s house — so … I”m going to have access to TV more… and this Spicer guy is telling the news what they should be covering. Yes, this is the kind of thing the bully with the important parents says in the principal’s office.  Except most bullies I know are better actors — he doesn’t sound confident at all.

Still, these are the guys with the power.

But the bicycle!
A friend on FB posted “5000 strong” and… it was WestSide Park.  HERE… not Chicago.  5000 people in SHampoo Banana?????

So I got on the bike at one ish — the thing was to happen 11… and headed out.   I saw three people with funny hats and thought… welp, if it’s done, it wasn’t that big, because… there just wasn’t the feel of “coming back from something big.

And I didn’t see many more… I got to Randolph and turned up… figuring I’d get to West Side Park and see remnants.

I saw a police car at University and Randolph and no, you weren’t going to drive a car  further north.   I saw a man talking extremely “respectfully” to the officer about appreciating him.   A very white, very … kind of glazed-eyes cult-follower guy.

I saw … Church STreet.  THe people walking there.   THe lots of people walking there.   Dudes, this march thing started at 11:00.   It’s 1:00.  They are still walking.

I walked with them.  I considered the value of a cargo bicycle in a march.   I considered the need for a word for the opposite of terrorism and that no, this wasn’t quite a “protest march.”   I remember learning a long time ago that a good revolution is about what you *are* not about “we’re not the other guy” though that’s what brings lots of folks to it.

I took some pictures and … headed back (I’m a caregiver right now)… and in the riding around town I saw … honestly, …. it just might be a different world, in some ways good and some ways bad.   The faces that I saw who looked at me riding by, and the bubble over their head said, “are you one of *them*”?   … that was creepy.   The sweet girl who looked at me and said, “enjoy your ride!”   was nice.   The people in funny hats AND WE HAD THE BEST HATS!!!   You could tell they were made by hand :PP )   who …

We’re energized.

We need some good songs.

Sensory girl

41 and drizzle with 23 mph winds — but from the South so in my wide open stretch, behind me.   Okay, it made the turn into Parkland a little cautious because of my wimpiness (stopping and restarting in winds has me doing five legscoots in fear of starting and having some part of my attire blowing into my chain) but all in all a pleasant excursion.

Coming into the building I”m greeted with “This couldn’t have been fun,”  and while I totally appreciate the empathy I had to explain that with the marvels of Gore-Tex… it was fun.

However, those Novara rain pants?   Better than nothing but… I’ve got to peel them off now because the wet is working on through.   If I’d been out longer, I’d be wet. That’s not what rain pants are supposed to do.

They’re looking ahead for dire things this weekend, to the tune of 3 *days* of off and on icing.  The weather channel guy used the words “big deal.”   Reckon I’d best get the garage clear enough for that car thing and stock up on ThingS and Stuff.



So it was somewhere between 3 (temp when I woke up) and 13 (current temp) when I had to decide how to get to church.  Well, first, whether to go… okay, this is the beginning of a sore throat and there’s a trace of congestion but…I can still sing.

The cold decided it for me — the one in my throat, not the outside.   I dressed and rode.  Dudes, when I don’t have a car, I don’t get colds. I ride, get to my destination, and go somewhere go blow everything out of the sinuses… oh, and NPR weekend edition had a visit from the author of a book about the health benefits of exposing the body to extreme cold. (I’m not sure how extreme it really was — the guy “went outside and stood in the snow” and the first day had 5 miserable minutes but was good for an hour in less than a week).

So now I’m still coughing a bit … we’ll see. And we’ll ride.   Okay, maybe not out to Biaggi’s tonight.

Update:   I also remember the time I had the “chills and comin’ down with something” but I left the space heater blasting … and fell asleep and woke up All Better.   There’s that, too.

Drove a car

… Bad weather is bad weather.   At two degrees, I fought the urge to hop on the bus, and drove the Avalon in to work.

I   spent much more time being cold — and I let it warm up while I did the last stuff in the house.   The steering wheel’s not going to warm up (handlebars don’t either but *I* do when I’m riding).   Had to brush the snow off (I think I need to windshield wipers).   Had to … drive the thing.   Three pawn shops on the route, and the gas station corner of Vine and Illinois is closed and the gas dispensers gone.   I only saw one or two other people out in the cold.   I was cold on  the trip in from the parking lot … and the trip back out because one forgets things in the car.

Okay, the driving and forgetting would be cured by routine. Still… bad weather is bad weather, and I wasn’t really dressed for it.

When I had a car back in aught 8, the debate was bike or car.  I didn’t have a bus pass (or know that routine).   I wondered where my inclination would be.  Introversion aside, right now the bus comes in ahead of the car.  Even when I wasn’t feeling like a little human in a belching, spewing tank… it was just too much space for me to be taking up.

It’s supposed to warm up Sunday so I should get real riding in next week.

Now, that other advantage — if I need to be somewhere to take somebody somewhere, I can just do it — yea, there is that.


Bus day

11 degrees and snowing — not hard, but … that’s cold enough that I’d have to ride fast to get warm and I don’t ride fast in snow.   (Don’t have studded tyres either.)

Rode in yesterday at 13 with a 20 mph headwind… and the light is still being strange.   Goes from usually full blaze ahead, sometimes going to ‘daytime running light’…  to … off.   Requires bumps to make it go on.   Sounds like Saturday at MakerSpace is in order….

This morning, I waved at the car that is in the driveway and got on the bus.  I might take the car tomorrow just to see what it’s like.  It has been 8 years since I drove a car to work, except once (don’t remember why).   ( I’ve got custody of this 2008 Avalon ’til the sibling who inherited wants it, which would be when their old van dies.)

Students aren’t back yet so it wasn’t crowded, tho’ several regulars weren’t there.

The display in back of the driver’s seat have been switched from telling me when there’s no service to assorted admonitions about bus behavior — priority seating up front and not being loud and obnoxious w/ electronics or one’s voice.

I think I’m a few bicycles away from there being enough room in the garage for that car thing.  Need to take wheel & lights off the Gazelle frame … and decide how to make the transfer to the Transport happen.


… So I’m riding to the bank Wednesday… except … there’s a fire truck.   Two police cars.   Two ambulances. Cops in the doorway.

In front of my friend’s house.

When they’ve got the stretcher out in front of the house but it’s been there a while, it’s because they don’t need it.

My friend who’d had a physical 2 weeks ago and everything was fine… had had a massive heart attack.

Well, at least his wife didn’t have to call me.

Pete Wetmore is sorely and suddenly missed.   Now the folks who’ve depended on his constant caring (he basically hadn’t left Marge’s side for 41 years)  … are going to have to think and regroup.

The challenges of the new year….


above freezing :)

So nice to be able to do things like walk!   And ride a bike!   I even took the Xtracycle in because … it’s got the cute little Christmas tree.   Now, I didn’t get any callouts for it — I think it’ll take more lights and bling for that (and I forgot to turn on the purple bats).

A few other bikes on the commute home and all but 1 had glorious headlights. My headlight was wimpy going down Country Fair so I used the flashlight (lots of lumens but about 3 hours of battery life before it fades fast)… until a nice bump got me bright again, and it stayed — even when we got to the other bumpy spots!   When I stopped it sometimes took a bump to get back to bright but… much better than before, and hopefully I can take it apart this weekend and find something to align or clean.

Sigh, the financial insanity of a sudden cash outlay of $19000 means that it might just be February before I do the fun stuff to the Transport, but that will happen. And not having a car is a huge part of why I could actually solve that little problem that way.