Okay, it was 42 so not that cold at all, but that was the tag on a car passing me that cracked me up.  (Now, MNA MNA 7 is still my *favorite.*)

I rode ’round the construction zone ’cause they were out and about and hit the long lights right, though for the first time in a week or two I actually had to stop on Mattis …

Last night saw several riders w/ no lights, and that’s been less common.  The one was   making left turns in front of traffic… I had to resort to flashlight in left hand — but I also discovered Saturday that … I have next to no front brakes from my mad attempt to install the generator light.   (The hydraulic rear brakes are ridiculously effective.)

But today, next day, 33 degrees… but I didn’t have to stop on Mattis 🙂   Yes, a student asked if it wasn’t too chilly to ride.

Prepped the red bike for putting the bags on the back back on, but I need something to keep them from dragging on the wheel.   The skateboard that plops on top of the rails is too thick.   License plate was almost wide enough but… would have sliced that bad boy. The bottom of a shopping bag (plastic rectangle) probably isn’t quite strong enough to keep from sagging (tho’ I’ll have a crate or something so load isn’t sticking down between the railings). I shall seek some about to be disposed of plastic housing of something…


Oh, let’s blog again!

Whereas there’s just been more sort of interesting stuff on commutes… it’s time to be blogging the mundane day to day stuff.

Today the path through campus *wasn’t* blocked by construction, yet.   Yesterday, yes.  I wasn’t feeling feisty enough to approach the cop sitting in his car there and ask that he ticket them.

Today there was a cop on a road off Church Street again … so I sped up as much as I could… want to at least get double digits on the radar!   That was after performing civic duty when a truck hauling debris passed me and a sizable branch wafted out into the middle of the road… yea, I should have let the cars have to manage it but I hauled it off the street.   Yea, I was late to work… (got a letter mailed, too).



Soggy :)

I was going to get on the bus but considered what I feel like the rest of the day if I haven’t ridden in, and since it’s Friday and I’m a *little* short on sleep… I slogged in.   Pretty much drowned rat status, though the rain wasn’t hard hard… but it did mean that Aramark driver (7:54 a.m. on Church between Mattis and Prospect, for the record) felt like it could just hold the right lane and make me stop behind a parked car, because the wet mirror meant I didn’t time my lane-taking right.   (Also, since I was riding late, there was about 3 times as much traffic.)

Yesterday had a little event too — SSL 363 blue truck came out of Parkland Point doing a rolling right turn on red … me being the oncoming traffic turning left… I did a strident “Please don’t run over me,” but no, I couldn’t cut to the sidewalk so I was on Bradley… he whipped ’round and … yes, went into the college.   I did a little extra cruising on the way in but didn’t see where he parked.

However, another event that’s not my story to tell has me completely disinclined to interact at all with our public safety folks.  Oh, and … murders.

Red sedans…

…. okay, so now all I remember is the last digit of the license was 0 and it was letters like mine (BC7) … which wasn’t a priority anyway… but I’m tooling down Urbana road and this little car is backing out of the driveway — okay, there’s room, you can actually do that around… no, you’re just backing clear all the way across the road.   Your window is down a crack so I say something like “You might try watching where you’re going.”   You startle and say, “I’m sorry,” but you really look like … in hindsight, like poor people on bicycles really aren’t worth your time (my car’s a whole lot nicer than yours but who’s counting).   So I say “It’s a good thing I was watching, because you sure weren’t,” and you whine “I said I was sorry!”     I finished with “try not to kill anybody today” as she pulled away.   I’m sure she thinks I’m a mentally challenged whatever inconveniencing her day… the condition of the car spoke of previous incompetence.

Of course, other more typical interactions — turning left on Main and yes, the fellow in the sedan waited for me and waved before pulling out…

… but no, I didn’t see my keys.  Matter can’t be created or destroyed and I distinctly remember dropping them into my bag before leaving and noting that to self (I didn’t have the ‘hands’ to get to the pocket they usually go into).   Couldn’t find them at work.   Remembered on ride in (scrutinizing shoulders, though … I’m pretty good at discerning when something jumps off the bike onto the road. Yes, I was mindful of every pothole & rough spot 🙂

Remembered that … turning the bicycl upside down and shaking it has worked.   Sigh, not this time …. keys still utterly AWOL.

… no longer… they’d gotten into the toaster pastry box in the bag.   So when student asked for poptarts I picked up the box and it jangled.   🙂

(and… the letters were actually exactly like mine.   When I’m leaving earlier, the car’s still in the driveway…)

glub glub!

Monday!   Enough thunder to decide to take bus until… I put the car in the garage and that made me want to ride.  (Thought about driving b/c it might clean the car but I drove it yesterday.)  Checked the radar… thunder over.   Serious tailwind so on-time arrival w/ drowned rat award… but the goretex did a pretty good job.   (The LL Bean “rain pants” okay — but not really waterproof. )

So I’m plowing through campus and a professor-aged fellow crosses my path and I get a sincere and spontaneous “Niice!”   I interpreted it as “Badass!” 🙂

Saturday was like that, too.   I put off riding ’cause I was actually being productive, and then it was sleeting… but I did have a letter I had to mail.   It felt so good to be out riding… so I turned it into 7 miles.   I’m thinking I jus thave to sign up for Calvin’s Challenge.

Hoping the nasty orange blob has worked through by 6:00…

Car things

I had a meeting early this a.m. and I thought… okay, really, you should take the car thing. It’s been about two weeks… it started right up in the garage (door open)… because I haven’t been really on time for a week or three.

Except I was rolling the bicycle down the driveway at 7:0something because … motivation.   The early morning body has its own mind and wanted to ride.   I don’t even think I forgot anything.

The meeting also was relatively painless. I commuted slowly, in “thinking” mode as opposed to “Let’s get there and the endorphin buzz” mode… but still had time to work in an extra quarter mile or so 🙂

Yesterday had a couple of close-ish calls.   My “University to New to Clark” zigzag means a left from New St. to Clark and a car came and stopped on Clark… but started going forward while I was still in the intersection.   I’m *pretty* sure I had just flapped a quick signal — thinking I’ll do that earlier — and I projected with all kinds of enunciation:  “Hello!  You have a Stop Sign And I Don’t!”   (and then “Please LEarn to Drive…” a few seconds later…)   Happy to say it wasn’t an “escalating” tone — more authoritative 🙂

Now, yesterday I also had the down side of the Waiting Culture — the bus that stops where I egress from the Eden Parking Lot arrived and … waited for folks to get seated, so I had an extra 25-30 seconds and then there was some other Reason People Waited…

Few light flurries

…. Did the radio guy hear me when he said that?   What are flurries?

If they’re not “few” and they’re not “light,” are they flurries?  By the way, the “flurries” in question were … sticking.   He qualified later, saying “but may be heavier in some areas,” esp. since there were wrecks on the interstate overpass on I-57 because it was iced up.

I rode in on the awesomely rehabilitated Transport.   Hydraulic brakes in the rear, new pedals, everything lubricated… I *did* try to torque the wheels into skidding.  I didn’t try *hard* but I did accelerate to discern that no, I wasn’t going to even begin to skid.   I”m thinking the relative mass of my not so dainty bicycle to that of car things is why they’re sliding off the road and I’m not.

I also worked it a tiny bit (helped by significant headwinds).

Recently there was a sweet “culture of wait” moment at Race and Main.   Pedestrian waiting to cross our N-S-bound Race… even though his light’s still green but he knows… light changes and the S-bound car waits a few seconds in case I’m going to blast through… but no, I wait for it,   and … the sidewalk S-Bound cyclists just waits for everybody, pedestrians and cars and all. And we’re all heading where we’re going…

18 miles to go to match last year’s January 210  miles.   Both years were pretty thoroughly interrupted weather-wise.  Haven’t set up trainer yet.   I’ve seen an ad for CycleOps Direct Drive trainer … 1200$… a lot of thing sI could do with that much $$…