Bicycles Bicycles :)

I have been using the car thing here and there… but Christmas Day I actually just Went Out For A Ride on th e9 mile loop.

The 26th I rode to First Financial Bank.   Almost regretting closing that account because it’s really easy to access their bike parking, and … it was a really good experience, that restored my faith that some people *can* manage.   It was this person’s first time closing a CD.   She reached for and got a binder and found the directions pretty instantly.   She followed the directions.   Yes, there was a time when the screen didn’t match the directions.   Picked up phone:   “this is __ from Philo Road.  Can I talk to __ or __?”   and in less than 2 minutes things were fixed.    Another thing that wasn’t working… another call.   Finally, time to write the cashier’s check.   “Oops, above my limit.”   One more phone call — okay, two, because the first everybody was either at lunch or on vacation.  Yes, solvable from the distance.

Yes, it took a bit longer, but no “oops, this person is gone, come back tomorrow.”

So I took the little thing across the street to the bank with double the interest and locked it into a CD there.   Here, the screen decided to ask my banker for … a password, which it didn’t usually do.   Again, though, a phone call or two solved it.   Banker knew me from Parkland 😉

Finally went to credit union to open an account.   I had totally forgotten about that kind of “prove yourself” process.

Those car things

… dropped the car thing at AJ’s service.   Yes, they called and said “air filters are dirty,” and I’ve heard that this is a common ‘let’s get more money from you’ ploy… except that, in fact, I have no idea when air filters were last even looked at and … yea, it’s been since 1/17 since the oil was changed (still < 5000 miles).

Also making the arrangements for getting the thing back to its rightful owners (brother’s family who got it through estate) …  questioning the decision and then walking to the bus stop from AJ’s and that just.  being.  easy and natural.   Yes, I was 20 minutes late to work (I’d let them know)… my lifestyle lets me do that (and if I’d gotten there really at opening and out… I’d have been on time).     I pretty much never have to be anywhere in a real hurry.

Tomorrow I’ll bus it to Lincoln Square and walk back over… get the thing… pay the 90 bucks for the job … and talk to them about oh, what to get done to it so Nephew T. gets a prime car.   (Reminds me of when I was selling my Mazda to eldest brother to be a cab…  no, I said to the tire people, it’s not going to be driven *like* a cab, it’s going to *be* a cab… get me the good ones.)

Then drive it loooong Wednesday…


Soggy Bloggy

Lots of little things I won’t remember all of.

Today I drove — not just because it’s raining but to remind me to call Mr. B’s to set up repairs… and because I was *wishing* that … the stupid stickers which are over due which I bought yesterday were here at work.  Matter can’t be created or destroyed so they have to be somewhere.   I need to work on the self-hypnosis.  (I did successfully relax everything, go back in time once to locate my wallet…)

Wore my Groucho helmet home yesterday and WHITE STREET IS BRIGHT STREET.   It’s had a ton of construction that was just finished and … it’s Big City Bright.   None of this “I can see my Garmin right under the street lights.”  It’s just. all. bright.

It’s the end of the day now (nonstop, requiring superpowers often).   But I do remember — the traffic light on Fourth is either sensing bicycles or it’s on an automatic timer.   It’s not a “dead red.”   Crossing Wright is … a little weird because it’s so wide but I got a wave from bus driver (well, probably for the trash can lid on my helmet more than my strategic lane position ;)).

I was also asked by trick or treat parent  dressed as prisoner  if I was selling something.  I said no, I was just being Oscar the Grouch… I don’t know, maybe it was the loaded cargo bike?



Okay, it was 42 so not that cold at all, but that was the tag on a car passing me that cracked me up.  (Now, MNA MNA 7 is still my *favorite.*)

I rode ’round the construction zone ’cause they were out and about and hit the long lights right, though for the first time in a week or two I actually had to stop on Mattis …

Last night saw several riders w/ no lights, and that’s been less common.  The one was   making left turns in front of traffic… I had to resort to flashlight in left hand — but I also discovered Saturday that … I have next to no front brakes from my mad attempt to install the generator light.   (The hydraulic rear brakes are ridiculously effective.)

But today, next day, 33 degrees… but I didn’t have to stop on Mattis 🙂   Yes, a student asked if it wasn’t too chilly to ride.

Prepped the red bike for putting the bags on the back back on, but I need something to keep them from dragging on the wheel.   The skateboard that plops on top of the rails is too thick.   License plate was almost wide enough but… would have sliced that bad boy. The bottom of a shopping bag (plastic rectangle) probably isn’t quite strong enough to keep from sagging (tho’ I’ll have a crate or something so load isn’t sticking down between the railings). I shall seek some about to be disposed of plastic housing of something…


Oh, let’s blog again!

Whereas there’s just been more sort of interesting stuff on commutes… it’s time to be blogging the mundane day to day stuff.

Today the path through campus *wasn’t* blocked by construction, yet.   Yesterday, yes.  I wasn’t feeling feisty enough to approach the cop sitting in his car there and ask that he ticket them.

Today there was a cop on a road off Church Street again … so I sped up as much as I could… want to at least get double digits on the radar!   That was after performing civic duty when a truck hauling debris passed me and a sizable branch wafted out into the middle of the road… yea, I should have let the cars have to manage it but I hauled it off the street.   Yea, I was late to work… (got a letter mailed, too).



Soggy :)

I was going to get on the bus but considered what I feel like the rest of the day if I haven’t ridden in, and since it’s Friday and I’m a *little* short on sleep… I slogged in.   Pretty much drowned rat status, though the rain wasn’t hard hard… but it did mean that Aramark driver (7:54 a.m. on Church between Mattis and Prospect, for the record) felt like it could just hold the right lane and make me stop behind a parked car, because the wet mirror meant I didn’t time my lane-taking right.   (Also, since I was riding late, there was about 3 times as much traffic.)

Yesterday had a little event too — SSL 363 blue truck came out of Parkland Point doing a rolling right turn on red … me being the oncoming traffic turning left… I did a strident “Please don’t run over me,” but no, I couldn’t cut to the sidewalk so I was on Bradley… he whipped ’round and … yes, went into the college.   I did a little extra cruising on the way in but didn’t see where he parked.

However, another event that’s not my story to tell has me completely disinclined to interact at all with our public safety folks.  Oh, and … murders.

Red sedans…

…. okay, so now all I remember is the last digit of the license was 0 and it was letters like mine (BC7) … which wasn’t a priority anyway… but I’m tooling down Urbana road and this little car is backing out of the driveway — okay, there’s room, you can actually do that around… no, you’re just backing clear all the way across the road.   Your window is down a crack so I say something like “You might try watching where you’re going.”   You startle and say, “I’m sorry,” but you really look like … in hindsight, like poor people on bicycles really aren’t worth your time (my car’s a whole lot nicer than yours but who’s counting).   So I say “It’s a good thing I was watching, because you sure weren’t,” and you whine “I said I was sorry!”     I finished with “try not to kill anybody today” as she pulled away.   I’m sure she thinks I’m a mentally challenged whatever inconveniencing her day… the condition of the car spoke of previous incompetence.

Of course, other more typical interactions — turning left on Main and yes, the fellow in the sedan waited for me and waved before pulling out…

… but no, I didn’t see my keys.  Matter can’t be created or destroyed and I distinctly remember dropping them into my bag before leaving and noting that to self (I didn’t have the ‘hands’ to get to the pocket they usually go into).   Couldn’t find them at work.   Remembered on ride in (scrutinizing shoulders, though … I’m pretty good at discerning when something jumps off the bike onto the road. Yes, I was mindful of every pothole & rough spot 🙂

Remembered that … turning the bicycl upside down and shaking it has worked.   Sigh, not this time …. keys still utterly AWOL.

… no longer… they’d gotten into the toaster pastry box in the bag.   So when student asked for poptarts I picked up the box and it jangled.   🙂

(and… the letters were actually exactly like mine.   When I’m leaving earlier, the car’s still in the driveway…)