Took the car

And a person from church wanted to know if I had a cold, because I looked like I had a cold.

That’s right, driving isn’t good for you…


Heading to 6000

Hoping that I’m on a grace wavelength… I’ve taken on a Project that Involves … thinking like an administrator.   I have four days of five resisted noon inertia and gotten outside for lunch ride — yesterday three full times around.   “You said you would do this” has been effective for squelching the inertia… and yes, 6000 being a genuine possibility.   (448 miles to go but who’s counting 🙂 )   Sometimes thinking of the computrainer set up at Champaign Cycle which is open for people to record times on a hill climb…

Failed at the “blessing on you and everyone you endanger today” Monday when crossing University in front of the bus terminal and realizing the perpendicular driver was disregarding the red light… the fellow at the terminal, though, seemed to approve at my outburst.   Since I was coming out of Choral Union it was a well-projected, well-enunciated tenor vocalization with “Hellooo, it’s a red light” with an extra word or two…(I was pre-escalated, having called out “liiiights!! Liiights!”  the block before at a driver w/0 headlights to no avail. )

And that’s about as exciting as it gets besides the driver this a.m. who ignored the pedestrian flashers at Christie Clinic — the old “right lane drivers stopping for you but here comes Mr. Hurry” reason I don’t like a driver yielding to me when it’s really my right of way in similar situations.



Wasn’t worse after all :)

Yesterday I rode in even though it was drizzling and 52 degrees nd windy but today was supposed to be the same only 42 degrees. When “it’ll just be worse tomorrow,” I usually ride because two days without riding is not a good thing at all.

Well, it was 47 … and not drizzling.   It was windier.

I was plowing into the wind and feeling the effects of This Temperature on sinuses and things and decided that yes, riding in exactly this weather is a major boon to the immune system.   Co-worker suggested that the feeling I had of germs dying as blood pumped and cool air penetrated was like the feeling as a shot of whiskey goes down and that’s pretty accurate.  Happily the side effect euphoria of riding is less impairing than that of whisky…

I contemplated trying to get out for a little ride Thrusday before my road trip … no, I’m not at that fitness level where the body does it for me 😉   However, the mile numbers are working their motivation…last October I had 400 miles and I’m at 350 now… 650 to get to 6000 on the year.

Just another bikey day

Okay, yesterday I actually got hollered at by a yaboo in a pickup — whipping past me to duck under the viaduct by the bus terminal (there are concrete posts in the middle of the road where we go underneath so they had to go by pretty fast).   I made a point of pulling out my phone and pointing it here and there and they disappeared pretty quickly.

I have put the plates on the car thing.   I had no desire to drive it to the Sisters’ Residence, though.   I’m going to try tokeep a full on diary of when I drive it — or, at least, when I do stuff with it like buy gas or wiper blades.   We’ll see how long that lasts — but it might work just because I won’t be using the thing much.

That said, the Transport isn’t as much fun as the Xtra for commuting.   The “oh,, I’ll just drive in” threshold is closer.   This weekend — going to get that light thing working.   I might swing by bike shops and see if they have the connectors handy and would part with one for me, or I’ll spend a few bucks (ugh! for half a cent worth of plastic that I could probably make with a 3D printer!)  on one.

The Transport’s not as much fun because its railings and things clang madly with every bump.   I need to find somebody who likes to mess with things 🙂   There’s got to be a way to quell the chaos. It *is* however tolerable now that I’ve stuck a bag on the other side for ballast balance.

Today I left work at 5:05 ’cause I really did want time to put the license plates on and in case people needed time.  Wow!  It’s a party out there!   Easily 3 times as many bicycle commuters.   So… the registration and stuff are all in the ccar where they’re supposed to be… the license plates are on… it is, really, “my car.”

I still hate cars.   We’ll see how this goes.


I’m almost car-full

…. Probably some time in thenext two or three days I’ll have done the paperwork and handed over the money and a legally registered, insured car will be in my driveway.

It’s an experiment.   Will I do more if I have a car?   For instance, I just read about an event in Illinois that — with a car — I could say “sure, I’ll be there, no problem!”   My car-free experiment of these 9 years informs me that no, I don’t do the complicated planning to get there other ways.  I just don’t think too hard about stuff that’s more than 10 miles away unless somebody else is going.  It’ll be handy-dandy next Thursday when I’ve got a Thing to BE At in Bloomington-Normal.  There are some church things in Kankakee that I could entertain participating in.

… but no more counting chickens ’til they’ve hatched…   and the car will be returned to my brother when he wants it back…

nIFTY tech

(and not so nifty)    I went down to the Bike Project last night to pick up a new Busch-Muller light.     The Luxos that it’s replacing is the not so nifty tech — sorry, the “charge your USB port” light isn’t made for Sue Jones riding — which is to say actual, every day riding.  Connections failed and … waterproof?  Well, sort of…

This one is elegant and literally brilliant (though I didn’t get the higher end — I’ll see just how bright it is when it’s installed).

The nifty tech?   Plastic bar-coded “member” cards for the Bike PRoject.    Scan and it has member info… I can wave it over a thingy to sign in.

Not so nifty — some of the gaps in when you can do what, but that’s their problem 🙂

Light rain on the commute … I had topped up the tyres so that my “soothing rain ride” pace was almost as fast as previous days’  Endorphin Chasing Charges… and my skull lights … okay, pics or it didn’t happen — pending 🙂


Yes I confess, I do it — but I don’t stick with the profiles.   So I don’t *really* know the life story of the guy on the electric assist bike who inspired me to think “hey, they could lower the threshold for removing your driver’s license these days — those bikes can let you stay employed.”

And this morning, as I cut into the parking lot that is part of the “Bke route’ on the Ruby Award Campus Infrastructure (it’s Lip Service — sidewalk, road, no cut curb so you have to do a mess of 90 degree turns).. this guy just pulled out where he’d been paused as if I weren’t there, looking everywhere… “HELLO!”   He sort of glanced at me… “Please WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!”   I was not deserving of eye contact.   Hey, Mr. PRivilege who does not deem me worthy of existing (did I mention I was profiling?)  … I actually said “A BLESSING ON YOU AND EVERYONE YOU ENDANGER TODAY.”   Now, I would like to be able to say it without the all caps… and I then realized it would be reasonable for him to have seen me an dexpected me to keep going straight onto the sidewalk (I didn’t because there were peds on it … and he was stopped in the parking lot, not moving at decision time).   I’m sure he heard it (pretty sure the pedestrians did, too…)

…  but holy everything, people are nuts.   Gunning down people in Vegas.   No trouble getting out of bed this morning because that on the news did things in my stomach.

Please, sane people I think we need to get together and either clear out the poisons that are doing this to people or strengthen them so people can’t do that stuff.