Moving right along…

I used the car thing of a Saturday morning to go get a toilet.

It was almost a critical mass of people Not In Cars.   Scooters, skateboards, bicycles… only almost, though, so I’m afraid Just Higher Risk.

Switching to the tank b/c its generator works and … the sun goeth down.  Almost equinox so it’s pretty Directly In Face.   Hoping to get 600 miles on the month — thanks to Labor Day’s 71 I’m at 283 right now… and FOUND my BIKE PROJECT KEYS because we had a thunderstorm this morning that ended right before I had to go to work but I put the rain pants on anyway and oh!  THAT pocket.   Whew 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂    I lose things all the time so … I know when to be worried and I was worried b/c I knew it should have been “on the top layer of life.”   It hadn’t been that long since I’d had them… and … going back to TBP was part of my decision to go ahead and challenge myself to add more to my plate and … good grief, was this already too much?   (I was inspired by singing at a funeral for a young man … and … knowing that Eagle’s Wings needs the descant.  No, it needs it.   No, I’m not really a soprano but … it needs it.   I made myself do what was required to do it instead of “being comfortable in my own skin” and accepting that I’m an alto.   Then I wondered what else is equally “needed” that I could be doing.)

So… now on to the next thing 😉


and it’s Thursday

Duly noted:   going Eastbound on Clark/Logan crossing Neil, where northbound and southbound lanes are separated by a small business,  my light goes red Eastbound but the N/S doesn’t go green.   This caused ire in other cyclist …  but  I’m pretty sure it’s green Westbound and sometimes I’ve seen a green left arrow when I’m going westbound.   Methinks they fear blockage in that little space. If there’s no traffic  I’m tempted to roll it (esp. since the folks sitting in front of red lights prob’ly wouldn’t think I was Running A Red Light)… but it was weird watching two westbounders pause uncertainly and then seeing I was stopped, eke through.   (I’m thinking the arrow doesn’t always show?)


… so, don’t know if it’s a Chrome Doesn’t Like WOrdpress thing but I can’t seem to keep writing on the same post … bikeWithLamp

This is today’s lamp and that shade seems like a blank canvas  😉   Granted, I’m using up my drivel-time with this post but I’ll try to search how to decorate lampshades… I’m shre there are some nifty Instructables out there… (yes, the shade is perpendicular to the lamp right now.   That’s how we haul things 🙂 )

Pretty sure both sides of the bridge under the railroad were occupied … as was the car I went by yesterday and noted that the bike and cooler on the back and the pretty extreme quantity of fabricky belongings inside spoke of it being a dwelling.  (Yesterday I was rolling an hour later.)   No, we still don’t have a men’s shelter.   We had one; it was sold and the company that bought it closed it.   It’s gonna get cold 😦 😦 😦

I’m at 100 miles on the month thanks to a wonderful Labor Day excursion to Monticello and Allerton Park.   Had a flat tire but erm, the tire’s old enough so it came off and went back on easily and there was CO2 handy… *perfect* weather for … well, the folks who added a mile when we got back got metric (I had 11 more for assorted other goings and comings).   That said I am not committing to full “after season Pleasure” ride tonight because I said I’d put a Geogebra video up Sept 4 and it’s not there yet…

Oh, and LAB sent out a survey b/c the U. is going for Bike Friendly again.   I gave credit to the people working so so so hard to make things better, with significant successes… but … people, the lip service parts are pretty awful.   The years of construction on what you claim to be a bike route… the failing to clear the wonderful new infrastructure when it snows and ices… the parking on the routes…

And now back to your regularly scheduled program!

Just another commute…

First thing I noticed was the flashing reds at Vine and Illinois, where they’re doing some repaving… I didn’t help the backup with my slow crossing.

A helicopter was leaving the general vicinity of the hospital… heading NorthEast… I pondered why I couldn’t hear anything and whether it was related to the undular bore I’d read had cropped up in the skies.

Traffic counters on Main — I resisted the temptation to roll back over them a few extra times.

Main and Lincoln… heading south of hospital is … “Organ Recovery Vehicle.”

I pondered the life almost certainly lost.

I pondered the difference between men and boys when a youngster spurted past me on a single speed and assumed the “we don’t wait for no stinkin’ red lights” position at Randolph.  There were two cars in the left lane of University and with a couple seconds left on the green one turned left, the boy (granted, full facial hair — I’m talking attitude, not chronology) proceeded forward, and the second car also did because cars do that there.   They *don’t* tend to pass on the right to go straight.   Boy did a circle to avoid and prob’ly saw my head shaking slowly… I wonder if he thought it was a fun thing, or whether it alarmed him a tad.

Yesterday a rider went around me … with more room… on an actual fixie, I believe.   I slowed as we approached Neil and Clark (Eastbound, goin’ home) and he did a marvelous hopping job so he could keep the feet on the pedals and proceeded through when the light was green.   THat’s grownup fun riding.

I pondered how to decorate lampshades because there’s one on the bike to put in the lab and … I want inspiring 🙂   Or at least comfort.   office.   I have lampshadeDelight

FUn times ;)

This year’s Wednesday ride location means I come back through campus and …  wow, lots of folks wiht *no lights,* including a bikeshare bike that had a light … but it wasn’t on.

Church and University still have major construction so they’re only one lane for a quarter mile or so but so far no hostilities as I cruise through (and at least half the time seems they put cruise control on 12 and I get to accelerate away).   Today somebody totally ignored the red light on Prospect but the genteel driver ahead of me just braked and let them cruise through oh, 4 or 5 seconds after we had green.   THey weren’t roaring through (as if trying to make it)… looked more like oblivion. Didn’t even get a horn honk though.   Midwest 😉

… and I’m making lessons on times tables and things like “douibling and halving” so the license plate BK 68341 etched easily in my mind as the driver ignored the stop sign to get onto Church at something near McKinley.   I wish they’d stick a patrol car out there (or oh, some kind of pothole…)

Still August

Thursday — Move In Day.

5:58 p.m. on the commute home — that’s when I took the pic of the bus behind 3 other vehicles on First Street, all just stopped, its flashers going… completely obliterating my view of traffic coming the other direction.    Not much fun inching out there.   Glad I took the pic b/c when I mentioned it on Facebook MTD wanted to know more.  You’d have to have been there to know how badly things would be blocked becasue I took the picture after I crossed the road.   The bus pulled out as I was snapping … so *perhaps* it was an “oops! have I made a tactical error that will get reported?” situation but at least I could say that, too…  and the picture made it obvious that the bus wasn’t the only vehicle stopped there, but … First Street is a mess when things get busy.

I’ve been back at The Bike Project…. well, they finally actually got new keys to the door.   It was at least 5 years ago that was going to happen — so many people have keys to it and erm, there are personalities.   People with keys might decide to take advantage of having those keys in myriad ways that could be bad.   Hey, they didn’t 🙂 🙂 🙂   Somebody thought they might have, though, adn so … new keys happened and well, if I was gonna get the new keys  (I hadn’t turned mine in)…. I committed to 3 months of the women’s et al night but it’s on Monday nights once a month which is my singing night once school’s rolling. Subbing last Sunday though was like the good old days — well, not really because the marvelous Michael Burns isn’t there — but yea, it was getting people on bicycles, getting people fixing their bicycles… a little taxing b/c only one other person there and we had to leave early — yes, that’s like the not so good old days.   We’ll see 😉

New School Year!

Yea, August drivers…. this morning coming up Country Fair where they’re doing some work under the pavement so one lane’s closed; it’s only two lanes so they bottleneck us.

Ducki 3 in the red SUV  was behind me, slowed down but seemed to think we were in some video game and I’d magically be out of the way.   We pretty much played chicken a little … they let me stay in front after all and then basically stopped at the green light for a while until I was on the sidewalk.  No hostile glares or anything — I suspect “just” autopilot driving.  Think I’ll bump up designing an air horn a little higher on the list…

Last week a typical morning had a really nice driver patiently sitting well behind me ’til I could get across Lincoln at Main (yes, two summers ago that was supposed to be ‘enhanced,’ but we know where budget priorities are)… and then passed me w/ gobs of room…  but then I’m wending through the sidewalks around the construction and yea, Uni High’s students are doing sprints right where I’d get to Wright.   I mentioned this was the bike route to the adult and told the students to run hard.  Kinda wished I’d left early so I could just pause there and chat a while in the middle of things, maybe a brief lecture on automobile dependency (okay, I’m thinking of this now and will give due consideration to creating “talking points” and then forget about them…. )

Fifth Street has car patiently waiting at that stop sign except the driver behind lands on the horn.   Well, the first car went — had plenty time — but yea, I proceeded through as honking man waited…

AND KELLEY FINISHED PARIS BREST PARIS!!!  I think not fast enough (by a pretty small margin, which has got to be moderately annoying)  for official medal — 92 hours … some extra allowed for helping somebody along the way but “not enough” but “it doesn’t matter.”