And speaking of sinewave

… yup, it works a lot nicer with the phone. Still have to figure out a mount and … yea, need to get a “Limefuel” battery. Gotta be ready for the zombie apocalypse!

I’m insured…

At the Bike Summit, I learned that car insurance can cover the medical bills if I’m clocked by an underinsured or uninsured driver. I also would rather not pay the liability etc. when I rent a car.
I was told “Progressive & Safeco do it, but you ahve to go through a local agent.”
I had Brown, Hobbs & McMurray recommended to me.
Welp, it took a while… but since I went to my “ignore delays and holds and repeat explanations — go to your Yea, I’m Marginalized, but it’s not going to raise my blood pressure” place … and now I’m covered. It averages out under $20/month and I will still have to pay comp/collision to Enterprise.
Of note was that they noted taht yes, they do have others with a ‘named non-owner’ policy… I don’t think “car-free,” but they considered that they should prepare for more people like me, because The Times Are A Changing… not in a political or ‘society’s values’ context, just a practical, financial “this affects our business” one.
The margins are shifting….

Sinewave Saga … not so good match with my GPS.

So I’m hearing the reviews of folks using their Revolution on the road, “out in the wild.”  

Well, my first ride with it wasn’t so wild and yes, I’ve found a mismatch:  GPS and stop and start riding (my commute).

(Important note, though: YES it is rainproof. Yesterday, while I didn’t have it running ’cause I hadn’t located my GPS, it got rained on, and rained on hard. When exactly the same thing happened to my “high end” Luxos U, things got wet and the handlebar mount switch to turn on the light *always* drew power, enough so that the light went into “daytime running light” mode instead of nighttime brilliant because it didn’t have enough power; I had to unplug the handlebar switch entirely. The Revolution, which cost less, is unfazed.)

  Also, this is *not* what I’d consider the reason to get one of these.   My GPS doesn’t use much power on my commute anyway — like to use my GPS on the commute if for no other reason than to know what time it is, and because yes, I log those miles in the nationalbikechallenge and if I do that extra lap around the campus perimeter, I want a log of it..

I noted that one reviewer said that the sinewave still charged a phone with ease “when the mobile network was disabled.”   I wonder if that setup was like mine, 

YOu see, my GPS has several features that annoy me every time I use it, and I haven’t found a place in the settings to change it.  First, if I arrive at work and hit the stop button, it assumes my trip is over.   Do I want to save or delete?  Second,  If I power down, the trip is over. 

Oh, and it also will automatically shut down — tho’ it gives me 15 seconds to touch the screen and tell it not to — if it gets unplugged. 

Can you see where this is a problem with a power source with no storage on a morning commute?   It was beeping at me roughly every four to ten seconds either powering up or down, and if I didn’t get to the touch screen in time, powering off

I have to wonder about what this will do “in the wild” at GITAP.   I have to assume that if my GPS is attached, my trips will “end” with every town that has a stop sign. 

I can’t do it before GITAP but I may wander down to MakerSpace again and see if, perchance, I could re-wire it so that it feeds off the battery in my light, especially since it was set up with a USB port originally (but failed with the first rain shower– Luxos U == thrown away cash; I hope Peter White figures this out).   

Tonight’s task:  to try to install my handlebar bag which I think could hold my phone, so I can charge it tomorrow.   

Could be that I need to abandon the Garmin and go with the phone app… 


   Okay, this seems like it will be a minor saga … I have received the awesome Sinewave REvolution. 

   I was seriously concerned about installation, especially since I don’t have the connector thingies on the web site … but… I dropped in at MakerSpace.   SOldering and splicing are their middle name.   (Note to self:  BRING BIG GIRL READING GLASSES.  ALWAYS  IF YOU GO TO MAKER SPACE BRING BIG GIRL READING GLASSES.)     

   On their website a recent user notes that it took “no special skills” to install — welp, in my mind, soldering and splicing are special skills with special tools… but you’ve probably got a MakerSpace near you, eh?   Or a Scout-Of-Some-Sort Crafty-Type Person?   Because those types of people *love* helping you with a really COOL USEFUL gadget for to charge things via USB port from dynamo hub.

    NOw, the only thing I need to do is FIND MY GPS and/or  figure out how to mount my cell phone to the handlebars… if I don’t figure out the handlebar bag by Friday I’ll spring for a phone mount from Champaign CYcle.   

    It rained on the thing good and proper today.   I do believe it’s waterproof.   (The MakerSpace folks did suggest that we install it “facing down” anyway.   I hope — but am not certain — that I would have thought of that myself…) 

    Pics soon but … it’s raining and I need to find the GPS… 

Busted bustee :)

   … yes, it *was* somebody I k new  who waved from the window when I went back to pluck a big ol’ Parkland bag from the ground.   He works there too, and also does the yard for the lady he was waving with.   He’d seen the bag and made a mental note to retrieve it after the coffee part of the yard-doing routine… and recognized me and saw me turn around to get it (and agreed – the bags are strong and big…)   

    next post:  initial review of my Sinewave Revolution :) 

Busted again :)

I don’t have to be at the I-Hotel ’til nearly noon for the Faculty Summer Institute… so I gardened and then hopped on the bike for … well, about a mile because the weather loves me enough to gently water the plants I just put in. So I turned around to head back and there was a big ol’ Parkland College plastic bookstore bag lying under the CUMTD sign … I stopped, turned around and got it. It was fresh enough so it will still be good (tho’ I tried to imaging horrible things it might have been used for) and… I looked up to see a couple watching from their window, standing and grinning and waving greetings and/or approval. (It might also have been people I know; the window reflection kept me from making them out, and I don’t usually ride down that road).
Hoping to get in some almost real mileage this week, though… Wednesday will be ride of Silence. Next week: real miles. Really. I hope ;) Need to remember when I’m hesitating to go out because I need to get x, y, and/or z done which I’ve been muddling with… that after a ride I”m about 3.143 times as productive and I’ll have thought of five improvements on the ride.

Harley Wave, Urbana Style

So I’m riding down Washington Street and I spot an I’m-pretty-sure-diaper-clad toddler with some kind of scooter/tricicyle, walking it along next to a grandfatherly-looking dude. Yup, it’s a swaddling waddlekinder and as I approach she scrambles on board her scooter (as in, “ME TOO! ME TOO!”) and gazes raptly at me and points with her arm and whole grinning body, “Gaaabaa!!!” Which I believe translates to “You would make a GREAT crib toy!” (I have a fair number of colorful danglings and moving things on my bicycle, myself included…)
… but actually, my *first* impression was that this not-quite-verbal-yet person was giving me the equivalent of a Harley wave — we were both on very awesome human-powered vehicles. It totally made my day (and when I thought of having been able to catch it on screen if I had my helmet cam on, I thought about that going-viral thing “look up!” and decided it was better to just BE THERE :) :)