THose October specials :)

We had a cookout for our “division” at work … in Mahomet, 20 miles away. I told my non-cycling friend, to her “but 20 is nothing for you, right?” that … it just depended on th eweather.
So what’s a 25 mph headwind?
I evne did 2 bonus miles North-South … and yes, it was strong enogh so that the cross winds did their magic on the bags on the Xtracycle so I could barely do 10 mph those directions too…
20.2 miles out (into the wind) … whch didn’t count the 0.7 before I turned on the Garmin. (I also learned to do the phone app for ridewithgps but changed my mind about the route… which contributed to the extra miles.No, it wasn’t the GPS making me dumb — I was just using it for speed and distance.
19.6 miles back.
So… the math doesn’t quite work. Trip out shoud have been 21.6 by that measure. Curious.
Ride back didn’t have *quite* the wind velocity but it had also shifted a little and was a little out of the north, too, which was nice on the Southbound miles.
And it’s nice to knock off 40 on a late fall day… and riding at night is nifty. Yes, fresh batteries in the flashlight were almost as good as the generator light (which I still haven’t solved — but will take apart one of these days and see if the capacitor has wasted away and just can’t hold a charge.)

…. oh, almost forgot… so I turned on 1800 (the point where I thought I’d gone the wrong direction, not realizing Bradley was 1700 (not 1900) — the road out of Rising is 1900. I stopped to figure things out and a car just sat at the intersection. I made a thumbs up gesture … and honestly they made me hope on the bike more confidently than I would have and shove it into the winds… and they proceeded to crawl behind me for the next mile.
And … I”m reasonably positive they were simply concerned for my welfare. Midwesterners are like that…
And yes, that was where it seemed a bit long, a bit hard… I thought of people who ride through pain and live through pain (tho’ I just exerted a bit… I didn’t go to pain land, b/c I knew I had to ride back and 40’s long this time of year and … I don’t work that hard without provocation.) Yea, rayslittleride… and … certain other people… I tried to offer my exertions with prayers wafting…

4 responses to “THose October specials :)

  1. Richard Masoner

    2 mile difference between out and in? Do I read that correctly? 10% is very high, even for a Garmin which typically get to within 5%, depending on the model.

  2. Not that far off — it measured have been 20.8 out (there was an extra 0.6 Garmin didn’t get but it’s a very known 0.6 to my friend’s house)… with 2 miles extra on the grid “oops! I should have kept going North for that mile!” therefore 18.8 . but it was 19.6 … I wonder if things just aren’t quite as accurate out on the prairie b/c I definitely didn’t take any side trips on the way home…

  3. Richard Masoner

    Okay, so off by 8/10ths of a mile? That’s 4%, which is about typical for Garmin. Strava on a smartphone actually does better (getting it under 1%) because (1) phones use something called “enhanced GPS,” which combines satellite GPS with cell tower and WiFi triangulation and better ; and (2) Strava does a better job interpolating the location data. Garmin tends to “round” off turns, for example, whereas Strava does better calculating distance around 90 degree square turns such as you find on all of those section roads in Champaign County.

    • Cool to know! I’m going to give ridewithgps a whirl on the phone, especially if/when I get the dyno-hub w/ USB port functioning again (pretty sure I just wore out the capacitor…)

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