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jus’ a story or two

From over to teh TE board

“I voted this morning– what a wonderful experience. I live in a predominantly African-American precinct, and before today my longest wait to vote was ~10 minutes. Today, it took 1.5 hours (and the line was as long when I left as when I got there). The coolest thing: whenever an elderly person or disabled person showed up, the line by common acclamation sent them to the front. One of my fellow waiting voters told one extremely elderly lady “you’ve waited long enough for this day– you go on ahead.” And then, when that lady came out, leaning on her cane, there was a little tear rolling down her cheek. What a powerful moment to be a part of….”

And, also from Virginia:

Voted this morning (Virginia). Polls opened at 6 am, and I was there. Waited over an hour (could’a been worse). Had a pregnant lady take a dive in front of me – she skipped breakfast, and then passed out after standing around for about 45 minutes. She was fine, but they did call the ambulance to cart her off. The best part was that they let her vote – polling stations in Virginia have a PC/Notebook deal that they can take curbside to accommodate the handicapped. As the EMTs were wheeling this lady out on a gurney, a poll worker ran up and handed her the computer. They both got an ovation.

(and a third Virginia absurdity was where they split the alphabet A-I and J-Z… danged right the line was long for the latter group.  Enough complaints and they broke the second group in half…)