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Crunch time !

Monday I had the pleasure of chatting up The Bike Project – and at 9:30, after Chorus, I’m wondering where my coat was. Couldn’t remember where “weird” I had been, so thought I’d have to chalk it up to draping on a too-open chair (I vaguely remembered draping it somewhere unusual but couldn’t reconstruct where) and somebody deciding they liked it, and since it’s less than two weeks old and ArcTeryx (splurged at Sierra Trading Post), it might have been a temptation, ‘cept most folks back here are known entities.  Dug out a knit top and put that on top of everything and too my surprised, three layers were enough for all but the insides of my elbows to be toasty warm.  Shouldn’t have beensurprised – everywhere but the inside of my arms has a healthy amount of insulation 😉

I was cruising home reasonably quickly so as to generate sufficient heat, in that low gear on the Gazelle, having snuck down during lunch to ascertain that yea, it needs a new cable or five and how about a hub overhaul… also want to scope out some replacement parts on the chain coverage assembly.  Did a complete mental walk-through of the day to determine the window of wandering for the bike, and got to the “was wearing it  riding from the bike shop, and then …” oh, indeed, then I was snagged from behind my desk and taken to the television studio and forced to remove my outergarments.  I did some sprint spurts in celebration (but not enough to sweat and freeze – it was 32), and tracked that little sucker down the next morning.

Yesterday I rode the Xtra because things would only deteriorate to Nasty, including for the Prairie CYcle Club annual meeting/holiday party.  About 17 present and all voted us back into office, and would have canceled the term limits had we followed the procedure for making bylaw changes (which ncludes announcing that there will be votes in the newsletter).  The wind did pretty much take the tree down – I need to get another tube in on the action – but while I was out it was only drizzling.  Left El Toro with perfect timing so I was going through campus as people were leaving the b-ball game (Illini won again 🙂 ) but even the fallen tree had enough lights. (I have been informed that the dim flashlights in front make passing me and going back over a little challenging — they’ve been refreshed, though, and tonight I’ve got the Fenix).

Tonight’s plan, though, is to drop the Gazelle off at Champaign Cycle and take the bus home.  I do hate loathe and despise standing in the cold, waiting for a bus … but ain’t nothing but a thing.  It’s 20 degrees now with 26 mph winds gusting to 46 (they were over 50 for a while) … so it’s as good a time as ever to take the bus (and it’s not as if I don’t have four  more bicycles at home ;)) … just might do the chat from my house, though, with the low temp of 9.   THis morning’s gusts crossed that threshold to *genuine* not-really-fun, not the stuff that other people *assume* is uncomfortable, though at least 30% of the discomfort was just knowing that assorted things aren’t really working, and another 30% my extremely low threshold for havign to respond quickly to changes (as in wind speed from 20 to 40 mph).

Happy Birthday Pete Seeger ;)

So yesterday I get to the bike coop and Mike’s coming down with the key and our first Person With Busted Bike.  Actually, the guy said (Hmmm… Robert? Can’t remember) Mike had seen him walking the bike and told him to come on by to get it fixed.  Which he did, which took a bit of time and expertise and small talk.  Was he originally from around here?  No, Chicago.  Oh, when did he come?    Last night.  Job at Plastipak, and a friend had given him the bike to fix up to get to work, ’cause it’s ‘way out there and the bus…  It’s a bonus fuzzy when an act of kindness obviously makes a difference.    Couple other visitors were discussing the idea of working with each other to make things work.  Hey, it was even better than a Pete Seeger concert ’cause it wasn’t about the possibilities, it was manifestation of positive possibilities.  Rock on!

Yesterday on the way back from the Saunter, we saw deer bounding through the field and across the road and into the other field, and rather suddenly stopping and walking slowly towards the side of the field.  Do what?  Deer interval training?

Then we saw them clear the field and the incredible clumps of mud on their hooves. THey had simply been bogged down in the mud. Glad none of ’em fell over and broke anything.  Same with those silly horses doing much the same in the Derby.  As our good pastor said at church, don’t we wish we’d put two dollars down on that?  (Then he had to explain as half the parish looked at him blankly.  Welp, it *is* finals week…)