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feel the grip, not the slip

Snow is not ice.  So, there wasn’t the stop-inducing ruttage for my trip home.  There was, however, a fair amount of snow.  Mostly I could still see pavement – it hadn’t usually  accumulated enough so that a car didn’t clear it and show concrete or asphalt… but not always.   And the studs were awesome.  I could, you know, like ride the bike.  Pedal it and it moved.

I shall take the next opportunity to practice, though, attending to when I *feel* out of control vs. when I am.

I found that telling my self to “relax and feel the Force, Luke” actually helped.  After all,  like unto riding a horse, if ya yank the reins you mess things up.  And then I graduated to focusing on the “grippy” times vs. the “oops, slipping!” times because then I think I steered towards said grippiness.  And I successfully convinced myself to steer the bike where I wanted it to be several times when the urge was to believe I couldn’t do that and could only proceed straight ahead.

Oh, I’m taking the bus tomorrow 🙂  And on Anderson, I hopped onto the sidewalk to walk e’re before the bus came by, ’cause there really isn’t enough room for comfort.  Yesterday, the bus let me sprint for home and stayed behind me ’til Fairlawn… turnabout is fair play.  Okay, and I was fatigued – though that happened a lot later because I also got pretty good at shutting off the tension after it turned on (“relax and feel the Force ;)), which I reckon is one of those things professionals do.  What I can’t tell is whether I was doing adrenaline in the process. I’m not thinking much.

Tomorrow all that snow and the other couple inches which will fall will be packed down and ruttified.   Must figure out exactly where the CUMTD creatures *stop.*

snow :)

it’s a balmy 22 out there, so I’m going to run an errand or two before it gets warm and dangerous and switches over to the icing.

I, too, am wondering about the Illini Chill.  Time to find that email address and see if Kent’s makign it happen this year.

My Sturmey Archer logo nut doesn’t fit… goes to show we should have looked up everything instead of finding the logo nut in the catalog and assuming that if there was only one, it would be the right size.  Now everything’s looked up and there are so the right size nuts in stock (sans logo, but functional)… so as soon as I feel adventurous enough I’ll wend my way out there for a trade.

NY TImes did an article on Columbia, SC – where I spent a surreal year studying INstrucitonal Technology, getting devoured by fleas, having my car stolen, a pistol shot through the bedroom ceiling, a citation for an ugly plant, a man standing by my bed holding a sock at 2 a.m. who left when I asked after a brief conversation, and a lady who thought I was having an affair with her husband because she’d found my outgoing credit card bill in her mailbox five miles away.  That’s just the stuff I remember… and no, I don’t know why my bill was in her mailbox, much less with his return address on the envelope.  I was leaving town the next day anyway…  Columbia’s not handling the “credit crunch,” etc. too well, it seems – despite not having housing bubbles or other local reaons for an economic tailspin and long lines at the job fair for crappy jobs.

I have my own theory about their vulnerability, though.  HEre’s a snippet:

“Ms. Harris previously ran her own house-painting company, but opted for a more stable career in a growing field. She saw an ad for the degree program on television: “Come become a medical assistant!”

Now, such talk seems farcical. She is paying $95 a month toward $23,000 in student loan debt. She is living with her boyfriend, who is supporting her, not always cheerfully. She has no health insurance …”

$23,000 in loans?

The U. of South Carolina, and/or the local communtiy colleges, should be all over that community with what I am sure are better deals for better education… starting with a workshop on rip-offs from TV ads.

Okay, time to go outside for a little…

Yes, it worked…

… now I get to put on a new skin and get the ingredients together to do it at work tomorrow – at least approaching the hygiene standards of the general populace 🙂 THat’s a lot easier cooking by myself… I”m planning to have a group cooking event.
It really did expand over the top and then crawl back town. It’s quite dense and a little bit dry; therefore, whipped cream and maraschino cherries will be added to the mix.
And now to go gather the stuff and files and all that stuff for the PCC newsletter to turn it over to the new editor 🙂
Decorated the Xtra yesterday – *lots* of lights. However, tomorrow I’ll do the nut-swap, put that other string of candy canes and the fiber optic tree on the Gazelle, I suspect. The forecast is for rain, followed by a tenth of an inch of ice and an inch of snow by morning.
I’ll leave extra early in all my good gear – might break out the snowmobile suit, which I can’t wear on any of the bikes except the Gazelle ’cause it restricts leg motion too much – and have an adventure. I always liked being in education where things just get cancelled if the weather gets bad – but now that the cancellation bar is a lot higher, I find I like being In The STuff just as well.

happy happy joy joy

Just little stuff (on top of the daily good stuff), but yea! I figured out how to Use Phone As Modem, so I now have Internet Access at home 🙂 😀 (Downside – has to be through Windows).
I think ’twas the swishy swishing of the snow pants that triggered memories; I realized that one of the reasons I like the cold is simple pleasure by association. I grew up in Maryland, where oh, 2 or 3 days in any given year – but not always – we would actually have all the factors combine and have… SNOW. It didn’t last long, and it didn’t take much to shut down everything… and close the schools. My school system was incompetently governed, so many mornings had the decision changing every few minutes, which only added to the excitement. So often it was rain, with “snow in the western mountains” (you bet I LOVED the year at Garrett Community College where I got to be in those mountains and revel in orographically enhanced snow!)
Therefore, I associate that chill on exposed skin with holidays and delights.
Other happiness: there’s still air in the back of the Gazelle 🙂 Tomorrow’s forecast is utterly dreadful – 40% chance of something freezing in the a.m., 80% chance of heavy rain p.m. Time for the gear 🙂

Flurries :)

I purposely went fewer layers this morning, and found I had more energy.  Being bundled makes one more prone to want to huddle (it’s harder to move, for starters).

Actually saw WKG 44 going out to his car… he’s not that youthful a male after all (not old, mind you, but not a teenager).  I gave him a nod and a grin and he acknowledged me… as one would who figured he didn’t wnat to be rude.

I then proceeded to be all kinds of assertive in lane position as I spotted a Saturn approaching with less “lean to the left” than the usual early move-over that I see… and (probably as a result) that car nicely went around me, but it wasnt’ him.  ( parked cars prevented me from chickening out and moving over … tho’ I prob’ly wouldn’t have.)  Same thing when it *was* him, though he took even longer to move over.  He made it through the light, and I didn’t.

There’s too much slang in the world.  NY Times headline:  “If Detroit Falls, Foreign Makers Could Be Buffer”  – I’m afraid I interpreted that as healthier, sexier… but the  text beneath says “Experts say the foreign carmakers could take control of the industry and its supplier network more quickly than is understood.”  Oh, yea, a *buffer,* as in a mitigator of drastic change…