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A38 2153

… the 21 might be wrong… but that’s the guy that tried to right hook me at the place on the campus loop where I expect it. Unlike the last time it happened (spring semester) there wasn’t a ferocious wind making me lean as if Iwere turning, either. It felt good to have a horn to lay on, and he definitely hesitated trying to detect the source, but I do wish I had, oh, a bristly brush to leave an impression. A car also swooped right next to me on Church (GBR 44 I think… ) and if it weren’t for the tractor trailer that I had to wait to squeeze through a left turn onto Church, I’d have caught up to him at the light. Don’t know if I’d have tried to talk to him or not; prob’ly would have just positioned my little self closer than three feet to his car and adjusted my shoelaces. I flashed three fingers at him as he went by… he was Interstate bound and obviously getting to that red light faster was important. Of course, he probably doesn’t know what to scan to see if it’s worth sprinting to make the light or not.
A car wwwhhhizzzzed by on my early morning ride, too. (A63 0517) Gave me lots of room, but movin’ FAST. Hi-viz is good ’cause it was dawnish. Hopefully that was my “things coming in threes” for the day – makes one wonder about celestial alignments.