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I’m pretty sure that was the vanity tag of the intense straight-black-haired female driver’s car who peeled out of a parking lot at me… slowed a tad when I hollered… I wonder if somebody made her get that tag because she tailgates.   It bemuses me when people drive insanely and have memorable vanity tags.

The surprise was the urge I had not to cuss her out (I think I hollered WAKE UP!!! which didn’t fit — she didn’t seem to be distracted or drowsy), but to reach into my basket and hurl an egg at her car.   I don’t have eggs in my basket but … I wanted to hurl the one that wasn’t there at her car and have it smash and leave a mark.

I’ve pondered making something to squirt at cars… but now I’m thinking of designing an ‘egg’ of some kind.   Yea, I’d want it to be biodegradable, as eggs are… but the contents to be less perishable and oh, even less potentially destructive to a car’s finish.   (It’s the surprise that counts, the “what’s that??..”) Delivery would ideally be possible in a way that would seem accidental… oops, you startled me and set off my missile projectile launcher!   For that matter we could design the launcher and have mad nerf battles like bike polo…

Time to get back to mathy stuff. Just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean