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Champaign… Bronze…

… Last week I rode by the Clark Bar in Urbana and heard a band and … decided I’d psych my introvert self into stopping off for a brew next time — at least to discern wehther the way the sound system sounded in the street (pretty bad) was better inside.

So today I approached and thought “Drat!   It’s even a lonesome-acoustic sound that … I love… I’m going to have to do this.”

Or not.  No parking for our kind.  I rode all around the joint. Nada.  Took my introvert self on home for my own beer.  Went to their Facebook page and said so and noted the band — maybe they play at the Iron Post.  Urbana has bicycle parking — sometimes not enough.   Of course, Champaign can say “why should we hae bike parking?  Bicyclists never shop here.”   You bet!

coveting neighbor’s goods…

… I don’t care which neighbor, but right now this puny puny speaker on this little teeny computer is not meeting my “needs.”  Mary Cliff’s playlist so far:  Dylan “The Times They Are A CHangin,”  Kim & Reggie Harris doing “the sound of freedom calling” (Phil Ochs) and then… Nancy Tucker doing “CHanges.” Oh, and somehow I missed “yes we can can” at the beginning ’cause I accidently did wamu instead of bluegrasscountry. The buffering is being a pain so I’ll switch to the phone… but  I’m grateful for my neighbor that’s closer that is having unprotected internet connection.  I could use the phone to call my buds to say “turn your radio on…”

Not glad that the show goes to 5:oo so it will be dark… and I need to get out and ride, ‘casue I’ve got Not Enough Riding Sluggishness.  It’s 29 whopping degrees with 30 mph winds… so it won’t take long at all to get over it 😉